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Sarri and Juve: friends never. “A bad marriage”

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“Zero empathy, I expected more fantasy”

of “Sarri is a top coach and I was happy when he arrived at Juventus, but with the Juventus environment there was never any empathy and this was seen from the first minute. The faults are none of them, they met two worlds too different. It was not the right profile in the right place. I’m sorry because I was sure that he would have been able to involve more players, as had happened at Napoli and also at Chelsea, albeit to a lesser extent. able to handle higher level stars: one account is Albiol, another CR7 “. Alessio Tacchinardi, another former Juventus player, speaks as an admirer of Sarri but also as a disappointed fan: “With him on the bench I expected a more imaginative Juventus, but the difference was not seen. I believe that Maurizio also left with the regret of not having recorded how and how much he likes it. And perhaps also for this reason he indulged in some declarations that it would have been better to avoid “. For example, going back to that scudetto “lost in the hotel” with Napoli in 2017-18: “Juve deservedly won that scudetto, I would have avoided going back to those episodes. And then Napoli should have played their game without letting themselves be influenced : we always answer on the pitch “.


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