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Saturday: Bayern beats Mainz Milan to defend against the cold draw_League_欧冠的_Udinese

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Original Title: Saturday Crossing: Bayern beats Mainz Milan as a guest to defend against Lengping

Bayern Munich vs Mainz

Saturday 010 Bundesliga time: 2021-12-11 22:30

As the overlord of the Bundesliga, Bayern is powerful and the goal is multiple crowns, and Lewandez is in a very hot state. In the transfer market, Sabice and Yupamecano were introduced to further strengthen. At present, the league has achieved 11 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses, ranking first, especially after winning the last round of Dortmund, opened up some advantages. The league scored 45 goals, conceded 15 goals, full offensive power, and solid defensive end. In the last game, the team played against Barcelona at home and finally won the opponent 3-0. It was easy, and Lewandet and others were replaced in the second half. There are not too many problems with injuries. Faced with Mainz in this campaign, I naturally wanted to maintain a good posture.

After Mainz changed coaches last season, some of the coaches changed like a knife change. I thought it was a relegation team, but they succeeded in relegation all the way early. This season, they have 6 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses, ranking 7th, and they are still stable. Before coming, the coach had a big problem. He scored 20 goals and lost 14 goals. He had good offensive power and guaranteed defensive end. In the last game, the team played against Wolfsburg at home, and finally defeated the opponent 3-0, ending the embarrassment of three rounds of invincibility, and morale rebounded. But in this battle, facing the Bundesliga giant Bayern, I am afraid they can only lose less.

The agency has given Bayern a lot of support, and more importantly, this is still in the case of the Bundesliga giants playing the Champions League in midweek. So it is optimistic that Bayern will continue to win big wins.

Udinese VS AC Milan

Saturday 017 Serie A time: 2021-12-12 03:45

Udinese started well and achieved a record of 1 draw and 2 wins, but after the third round of the league, the team began to decline. After the third round of the league, the 13 league rounds only achieved a record of 1 win, 6 draws and 6 losses. The team’s ranking has also fallen all the way to 14th in Serie A, only 6 points away from the relegation zone! After losing 1-3 to Empoli in the last round of the league, the team fired coach Luca Gotti, and now the team will be led by Gabriele Coffey as the interim coach to play against AC Milan!

AC Milan seized the chance of Naples losing in the last round of the league and successfully reached the top of the Serie A standings after winning Salernitana at home, but lost 1-2 to Liverpool in the midweek Champions League life and death battle. Was eliminated! AC Milan finally returned to the Champions League after a lapse of many years, but was eliminated in the group stage, and even failed to qualify for the Europa League play-offs. This is really difficult for AC Milan. Accepted results! Today, AC Milan can’t help but devote all their energy to Serie A!

According to a report by Gazzetta dello Sport, after the UEFA Champions League exit, AC Milan coach Pioli gave the players a day off, but many players took the initiative to practice with the heavy snow. Judging from the positive actions of the players, the AC Milan team did not lose their will to fight after the UEFA Champions League was out. The team will fight for the Serie A championship with all their strength, so as to compensate the fans for the team’s poor performance in the UEFA Champions League. This is for the fans. Great news for AC Milan fans!

In the first league after the UEFA Champions League exit, AC Milan certainly hopes to use a big victory to relieve the team’s depression of the UEFA Champions League, but now the team is plagued by injuries, Giroud, Pellegri, Ray Beach, Castillejo, Leo, Calabria, Kjaer, etc. are all injured and it is difficult to play in this league, which will greatly restrict the formation of AC Milan. . Although Udinese is not in good condition, he wins because of not many injuries. If the team adopts a deadly approach, it will be very difficult for AC Milan to win!Return to Sohu to see more


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