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Savona, the Municipality is looking for a manager for the Bacigalupo stadium

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Savona, the Municipality is looking for a manager for the Bacigalupo stadium

The Board approved the resolution containing the design document regarding the restoration interventions strictly necessary for the reuse of the Bacigalupo and gives a mandate to proceed with a market survey to verify the presence of subjects interested in the management of the plant. In recent months, the administration has started the regeneration work of the turf and, through its technicians, has carried out a series of preliminary inspections for the preparation of the intervention plan necessary to use the field.

«The goal is to reopen the stadium as soon as possible, giving the city a point of reference that has been lacking in recent years. Today’s resolution is another step in that direction – says the Councilor for Sport, Francesco Rossello -. Today, in fact, while the ground restoration works are proceeding, the preliminary design document has been defined for the interventions on the structure strictly essential for the reuse of the stadium. With these elements, through the expression of interest, we will be able to verify the presence of subjects who are interested in the management of the plant, carrying out the required interventions ».

Councilor Rossello adds: “Our intent is to intervene immediately without losing sight of the future transformation of the area with respect to which it should be clarified that, when we talk about the development of the Campus and its integration with the citadel of sport, we refer to a perspective that in that area will always foresee the presence of a stadium. The hope is that the conditions are met to be able to start reasoning as soon as possible involving the University and, we hope, the future manager of the stadium. In the meantime, however, we need the stadium to come back to life ».

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The commissioner then goes back to the reasons for the choice not to use the project financing instrument: “The road proposed by the administration is the one that allows us to reuse the field as quickly as possible, taking into account, on the one hand, the financial resources of the Municipality, on the other hand of the average times which usually requires the realization of a project financing. Choosing that path, however, would have meant having to wait years more, leaving the stadium in a state of neglect and then finding it in an even worse state than it is today. We have not rejected anyone, the path we have indicated does not at all exclude the possibility of reasoning about the possibility of carrying out further improvement interventions. It is one thing to talk about it with the stadium open and functioning, it is another thing to do it with the stadium closed and degraded ».

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