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Scariolo: Satisfied with match 1, we have to expect dangerous corners in the next matches

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Scariolo: Satisfied with match 1, we have to expect dangerous corners in the next matches

Coach Scariolo in the press room after the clear victory of Virtus Bologna over Bertram Derthona in game 1 of the LBA semifinals.

“The fact that we had a week off in which to prepare tactically and physically helped us. We had good general defensive continuity, while offensively we can avoid moments where the ball stops too much, taking the necessary risks, but overall we can be satisfied, even if we’re only talking about a playoff in Game 1, with a journey that has just begun and is full of obstacles before us. Against the third who has shown strength all year, to be the third force in the league right behind us in the rankings, we must certainly expect dangerous curves in the next games.

As I said we were able to have the time, physical condition and health to train throughout the week with the full team and that always shows. Unfortunately we never had it during the year and this has often been noticed: there is no secret. When we were healthy and complete we were these, or something less, but now we look ahead and think about improving the things that can be improved.

Shengelia? last year he had just arrived, while this year he already has an important experience with his teammates, the club, the team, the city and the game system and he arrived here in good health, without ever being healthy throughout the year. in the last weeks. Unfortunately he weighed heavily on us when he was out for many months, we missed him a lot when he took several weeks to find his form, but now he is a player with outstanding leadership, capable of covering all areas of the game well and is working hard on his ability to punish doubles with good solutions for teammates so we are satisfied. It must be said that he too knows that those who feel satisfied are braking, while there is still a need to accelerate.

Tortona’s reaction? We’re not talking about a series of playoffs between the first and eighth with a very wide gap, but two teams that finished one behind the other so I’d say that this difference shouldn’t exist: there’s no doubt therefore that with the qualities they have from a tactical, technical and physical point of view will make for a game of great substance the day after tomorrow. We will certainly have to be ready, because normally the second game of a series is a watershed game where you have to expect the opponent to do everything to not go 2-0 which many times can sound condemning, but often it is not. We are sure that our opponents will try with great strength next Tuesday.”

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