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Scattered considerations after Italy-England 1-2 — Sportellate.it

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Scattered considerations after Italy-England 1-2 — Sportellate.it

The stronger national team beat the weaker national team.

-Italy reacts to a more tragic first half of Mameli’s hymn, neomelodic version by Gigi d’Alessio, and manages to play a second half of strength and courage. It’s not enough to bring home points against a national team with a squad at lunar distances from the Azzurri. The difference on the pitch was huge, more than the final score says. However, somehow, we’ve been touching this evening as well and at one point in the evening we honestly wouldn’t have bet a penny on it. Mancini is making many mistakes but the deep roots he put into the first wonderful part of his cycle allow us to face each opponent with more personality than the squads on the pitch could say. A big credit to his work;

– Mancini’s merits, however, are almost all aimed at the past, at magical nights, at Insigne’s cash register, at the blue dream. Mancini is now the victim of a disease that has struck many coaches before him, especially coaches. The disease of gratitude. Italy continues to offer the same faces and the same game script, despite a dry engine for quite a while and a lack of world qualification that almost passed in the cavalry. The silent scene of the first half says a lot about the difficulties of this group;

– What matters most in a national team is missing and what made Italy great pre Wembley. A vision, an idea. Mancini navigates on sight, with lights on that illuminate the road in front of him only a few meters. The choice of two like Unripe e Toloi as a central couple it is almost a manifesto of intentions in this sense. This post-Wembley immobility is even more criminal given that Mancini has demonstrated several times that he has great flair for throwing the right players and indicating a vision to the group and the whole movement. The motion retegui in this sense, the risk of thinking is a right, logical and courageous, almost political move. If the forwards aren’t there, you need imagination;

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-Very difficult to judge the game of retegui. Appeared unpresentable in the first half, engulfed by Maguire, in the second half he scored with the first ball touched, on a beautiful assist from Pellegrini. There he seemed to unblock himself mentally, move more regularly and make himself more useful and dangerous. Wrong to throw your hands in your hair in the first half, perhaps even more wrong to shout at the phenomenon for the goal in the second half. Catapulted into European football like an aquarium fish into the ocean, his task was abnormal. Let’s wait for more minutes, other opponents, other games. For now, for statistics we have one match and one goal. That’s okay;

– Losing against England obviously fits. But the fear of not being headed anywhere is strong; what worries is the absolute absence of humility and awareness of our coach which continues to go its own way, with reconstructions of reality that are often not very serious and not very truthful. The justification for the non-convocation of Zaccagni is not very serious. The decision to send Fagioli and Udogie to waste time in the Under21 to call up Pessina and Darmian is not very serious. The reference to young people who no longer play in the street, something Celentano said in the sixties, is not very serious. It is not true to say that Italy would have at least deserved a draw tonight, as he declared to Rai microphones. After the 1-2 goal, Italy didn’t make a single shot on goal, let’s not forget that.

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