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Scattered considerations after Sassuolo-Spezia (1-0)

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Scattered considerations after Sassuolo-Spezia (1-0)

Sassuolo continues its magical moment and obtains the fourth consecutive victory. Spice too defeatist.

– In the first advance of this twenty-seventh day with the first taste of spring, Sassuolo and Spezia gave life to a very tactical match, not particularly exciting. It was the landlords who came out on top, who conquered the fourth consecutive victory before the national break. Deserved victory for Dionisi’s men, who created the most, committing Dragowski at least 4 times and also hitting two woodwinds. decisive berardi, who, thanks to this penalty kick, scored his sixth goal of the season. Too penalized by the many injuries, the neroverde captain is slowly recovering the best condition, today being the best in the field. Finally good news for Roberto Mancini;

– Sassuolo, bringing home the fourth consecutive victory, confirms itself as one of the most fit teams in the league. The Neroverdi standings are now starting to take serious shape, given that with 36 points they temporarily join Bologna in ninth placejust two points away from seventh place, first, true, European mirage. Dionysishaving seen the ghosts of relegation as recently as a month ago, he is finally reaping the fruits of his labor, considered by all to be excellent. In addition, the entries of players such as Frattesi, Defrel and Bajrami testify to the goodness of the Sassuolo project, which every year manages to set up a competitive team with excellent individuals. Those same individualities that every summer the talented Carnevali manages to place around Europe at jeweler’s prices;

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– Simple tonight put himself in the mirror, presenting the 11 as blocked as possible. Nikolaou to act as right-back, right-back battery made up of Amian and Gyasi to try to contain the gusts of an elusive Laurentiè. In midfield Bourabia and Ekdal reversed themselves in the construction of the game, however managing to create very little. Up front, despite an inspired Maldini, confirmed after Inter, Nzola was underserved by his teammates, making it more imprecise than usual. Inputs of irrelevant Shomurodov (currently a real transfer market flop) and Green, who somehow tried to liven up an attack that is not very dangerous today;

– The episode that changed the game was in the 70th minute. Amian, striking with the hand a ball from Laurentie destined for goal, caused the penalty which Berardi will then seal despite Dragowski’s intuition. Victory, however, was never in question and, indeed, Sassuolo can recriminate for the many unrealized opportunities. The amount of game produced was considerably higher than that of the opponents, today too concentrated on not taking them. He deserved Sassuolo and won Sassuolo, what now it enjoys an almost European classification;

– After the clamorous home victory against Inter, Spezia fails to convince. The initial module inhibited offensive sorties of the two full-backs, naturally predisposed more to cover than to lunge, and none of the midfielders has ever found the decisive leap to launch Nzola, today really too alone and caught between Erlic and Ferrari. Furthermore, the newcomers, up to now, are not bringing the quality and goals hoped for, forcing Semplici to always rely on the same old glories. Despite everything, salvation still remains a feasible goal but everyone’s contribution will be indispensable.

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