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Scattered considerations after Verona-Lazio (1-1)

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Scattered considerations after Verona-Lazio (1-1)

A point that is of no use to anyone, but at least useful for morale for Hellas.

– As much as it moves the ranking for both, this draw, during Serie A’s unholy choice to play a game at 6.30 pm on Monday, certifies a Verona in full race for salvation and a Lazio that must regain distance and concentration to take home these matches which, in the long run, have an impact. The crux is that Lazio have the habit of often being taken back by advantageous situations and, often, by teams much lower in the standings;

– The first half starts with a good Lazio for the first half hour but produces little, too little. The Scala family, on the other hand, when they appear in the Provedel area, sting and not a little. The extreme blond defender must say thanks to the extreme imprecision of Verona. This shock seems like a bucket of icy water on the biancocelesti heads who, in fact, wake up and finally grind actions and dangers. So much so that Pedro, just before the interval, literally invents an amazing goal. Verona collects and the referee whistles;

– The Veronese enter with the right mindset, Lazio don’t. Pedro’s ingenuity, a free kick from the trocar and the little Ngonge slips between Cataldi and Casale, signing the draw. He thick curses from the bench. The head spins and the Gialloblù clamorously hit the post. Taken the blow, Lazio wakes up again. Finally, he begins to play trying to bag the ball behind Montipò but without succeeding both due to inaccuracy and due to the right Veronese closures;

– After the match against Milan, Lazio suffered from the pace of Fiorentina and Verona. Tiredness? Surely. A narrow squad, the useless trip to Turin in the Coppa Italia and mental declines did the rest. But it is not a declaration of surrender, because it always remains fourth, minus four from second and minus one from third. The next one with the beloved Gasperini will be crucial to understand where we actually want to go. There is a week to prepare it well and recover the necessary energy. No drama but just a lot of attention;

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The Scala players bring intensity, strength and determination. Agonism and little technique. But that’s enough to bring home a point that moves the standings but also gives a lot of morale to the team coached by Zaffaroni. The head of the gialloblù is there. The desire ditto. If they make Bentegodi their fort they will be able to fight until the last minute to stay in the top flight.

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