Home Sports Scotland, footballer Zander Murray comes out: “I’m gay and I’m finally myself”

Scotland, footballer Zander Murray comes out: “I’m gay and I’m finally myself”

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Scotland, footballer Zander Murray comes out: “I’m gay and I’m finally myself”

He wears the coming out have been opened since Jack Daniels, seem not to close anymore. This time it was to come out of the closet Zander Murray, attacker of the Gala Fairydean Rovers, which is became the first Scottish senior footballer to declare himself gay.

Zander Murray was the first Scottish senior footballer to come out

“If we want society to change we must break the fear”

The 30-year-old has decided to reveal his sexual orientation to the world through a statement to his own club’s official website: “The reason I decided to do it now is twofold. I was on vacation recently at a Pride event, having always been so closed that I could never participate in it, and I loved it. The atmosphere was great, and everyone was just plain free and happyand it was wonderful to be just me. But then the fear came and I didn’t want to be tagged in the photo, for fear that my mates would discover my orientation. At that moment I realized that I was wrong. So I confided in my teammates who hugged me and supported me. “

The player then continued highlighting all the closeness from the club: “I have a really strong bond with everyone in the club and I was amazed by their support. Before you come out, you think people will turn against you e imagine the worst. It was nice to get all that support. It can be difficult and you can feel very lonely. I have known I was different for years, the coming out of other players have been a great help. I know there are several gay Scottish footballers, I hope I have given them the strength to come out. I’ve always known I was, since I was 13. I received a wave of affection, thousands of private messages from people, fans, athletes who play other sports and football players. It fills my heart with so much joy, everything is fantastic. Now I am myself for the first time in my life. Why did I come out? It was necessary, I want to be an example. We are not the majority, but we are many and no one has the courage to declare themselves. Many are terrified and someone has already contacted me to speak. If we want society to change, we have to break the fear”.

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British diver Tom Daley came out in 2013

The many messages of affection

Among the many support messages, the special one from Tom Daley, who wrote on Instagram: “Thanks Zander Murray! I think it’s great to see another player who has the courage to be openly himself “

And that of its president could not be missing Ryan Cass who said: “Everyone at the club is fully supportive of Zander and we are delighted that he feels comfortable leaving. Zander has shown great courage and has the full support of the club and I am sure he will get the support he deserves from the whole football family in Scotland.

Another Rainbow tile in the homophobic and male chauvinist football was put. Could this be the right time to definitively break all taboos?

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