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Sensational comeback in the making? “Ski legend Marcel Hirscher (35) plans return as… Dutchman”

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A remarkable comeback is in the making in the ski world. Austrian skier Marcel Hirscher, who retired in 2019, is planning a return to the World Cup as a Dutchman. Austrian and Swiss media prominently report this news.

Hirscher is a true skiing legend. With eight World Cup final victories and 67 World Cup victories, he has an impressive track record. The now 35-year-old Austrian also has seven world titles and two Olympic gold medals. In 2019, the skier ended his career and founded his own ski brand, Van Deer. He did this in collaboration with the Austrian sports drink giant Red Bull, which would now also support him in his plans for a comeback.

Hirscher in 2022. — © Getty Images

And Hirscher does not want to make that comeback as an Austrian, but as a Dutchman. The slalom specialist has a Dutch mother and therefore also has Dutch nationality. It is known that Hirscher has always felt connected to the Netherlands through his mother. She fell in love with ski instructor Ferdinand Hirscher during a winter sports holiday and decided to build a life with that man in the Annaberg ski village.

And so Marcel Hirscher seems to be making his comeback as a Dutchman at the age of 35. The skier would plan to earn the necessary points in New Zealand this summer to return to the highest level next winter. The big goal is the 2025 World Cup in Saalbach, not far from his home in Austria.

The news about his comeback (as a Dutchman) is prominently played out in Austrian and Swiss media, Hirscher himself has not yet responded.

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