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Serie A basketball: Virtus also defeated in Tortona, now Brescia-Trento

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Serie A basketball: Virtus also defeated in Tortona, now Brescia-Trento

Macura protagonist with 22 points and 5 out of 6 from three, for Scariolo’s team another stop after the one against Milan. On the Brescia-Trento field

Derthona stops the leaders Virtus with a performance of great quality and determination, thus approaching just two points from the top of the standings and offering the assist to overtake Olimpia Milano at the top, who will be the Bianconeri’s opponent on the next day.


In an arena packed with 3700 people, against a remodeled Virtus, without Cordinier, Teodosic, Mannion and Ojeleye, but which gets very little from some present, especially Shengelia and Mickey, Derthona has the right attitude from the start, with a 5-0 in the first minute, until halfway through, when Pajola puts in two triples for overtaking 9-10, the only Bolognese advantage in the evening. Macura and Daum accept the challenge from outside the area and in the 7th minute the gap is 23-14, for Tortona 4/7 from 3. The rotations don’t help Bologna which is struggling against the speed and precision of the Tortona players. On the siren Mickey guesses 29-22. The second quarter opens with Filloy who brings the gap to double figures, 32-22, but Belinelli, the best in the black Vs together with Lundberg, takes a foul on a three-point shot and scores all the free throws. In the 17th minute Derthona tries to extend, going up 12, 41-29, with baskets from Macura and Harper, which is released only now. The wingers in which Tortona has the upper hand in this phase are decisive, Harper on the counterattack makes a 3-point game at the end and the break arrives on 48-33, for a Derthona who seems to enter everything with ease. At the start of the third quarter it is always the 3-point shot for Tortona that makes the difference, with Macura even marking the +19 of 56-37, for a run of 8-2 in the first 3′, Virtus, who also shoots little and malissmo from 3 (2/12), tries to shorten but always Macura from distance still puts +18 in mid-quarter, 61-43. However, 5 points from Hackett and a triple from Belinelli reopened the game and it ended 68-59. In the last quarter the two teams increase the intensity and speed of ball movement, Tortona reaches +15 with Radosevic and Candi on 33′, two bombs from Candi and Macura (best of his with 22 points) mark +16 who seems decisive, Belinelli, strong-willed like few others, reaches 24 points, tries to drag the team for the comeback up to -10, with a basket, a triple, three free throws all in 1’a2’30” from the end, Mickey he makes a precious triple, the final is palpitating, it reaches -8, a few turnovers on both sides and it closes 89-81, in the jubilation of the Tortonese fans.
(Stefano Brocchetti)

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Derthona: Macura 22, Christon 13, Daum 10
Virtus: Belinelli 24, Lundberg 17, Pajola 10

16.00 Venice-Verona (Eurosport 2)
17 Brindisi-Varese

5.30 pm Reggio Emilia-Sassari (Dmax)

All matches live streamed on Eleven Sports

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