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Serie A roundup: Lazio beat Bologna Roma vs Salernitana_Score_Home_Lazio

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Original title: Serie A roundup: Lazio Rick Bologna Roma beat Salernitana

Xinhua News Agency, Rome, August 14 (Li Mengqing) The first round of the Italian Football League will continue on the 14th. Lazio beat Bologna 2:1 at home, and Rome beat Salernitana 1:0 away.

Lazio started a strong attack that day, but goalkeeper Maximiano made a surprising mistake after only 6 minutes of his Serie A debut, and received a red card with his hand from outside the penalty area. In desperation, the goalkeeper Providel, who also joined this month, replaced Basic.

Facing an opponent with only ten players left, Bologna took the lead with a penalty kick in the 37th minute-Sansone made a point, and Arnautovic made a penalty. At the end of the first half, the visiting team player Somaoro was sent off from two yellows to one red, leaving ten players on each side.

In the 67th minute, Lazari scored a goal to equalize the score for Lazio. Ten minutes later, Immobile scored and Lazio reversed the score. Although Bologna fought back hard, Lazio finally held on to the victory and the score was fixed at 2:1.

In Roma’s game against Salernitana, although Roma made frequent shooting attempts, it was not until the 32nd minute that a breakthrough was achieved with a lucky ball. Cristante’s long-range shot passed through a group of players in the penalty area and then refracted into the net. . Although Roma kept making shots in the second half, except for Wijnaldum’s offside goal in the 85th minute, he failed to send the ball into the opponent’s door. In the end, Roma won 1:0.

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In the other two games, Fiorentina beat Cremonese 3-2 at home and Spezia beat Empoli 1-0 at home. (Finish)Return to Sohu, see more


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