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Serie A: the equal of Napoli, Milan and Juve have disappeared convincingly at the first

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The situation


The roar of the big names sounds the gathering of the contenders for the Scudetto from the first ring of Serie A: the ranking is cut with a hatchet, without the smoky balance of the draws. The only temporary intruder, the Spezia. The others are the eight candidates declared in the first squares to which is added Juric’s Bull who, with some other graft, has the right cards to move up in the category.

Everything else seems to disappear on the horizon also because the two surprises of last season, Verona and Sassuolo, are entangled in a market that dilutes the potential and depresses the hopes of Cioffi and Dionisi. In the head, on the other hand, many controversies have already subsided, many doubts are dissipated. Milan, Napoli and Juve dominate and win, Inter, Lazio and Fiorentina recover suffering, the others administer the advantage by convincing more (Rome and Turin) or less (Atalanta). From the nervousness and vehement protests of the recovering teams we understand that it will be a hot championship in which the difference, in situations of balance, will be made by the long bench of the big names.

It is clear that the turning point of the five replacements makes the gap between rich and poor almost irreversible. The most anticipated new ones (Jovic, Lukaku and Di Maria) and the most promising ones (Kvaratskhelia, Lookman, Ceesay) leave their mark.

At the top of the scorers there are two goalscorers who seemed to be in hibernation (Vlahovic and Rebic), the stainless Immobile and Arnautovic stamp the card. Bitter days for two goalkeepers, Maximiano and Radu, the Var takes something away from Sampdoria. Waiting for the latest market hits, Napoli and Juve prove to be on the right path despite the difficulties of various kinds. The grafts of Ndombelè and Paredes should settle the staff while Milan appears to be the most well-established, with De Katelaere still to be included. Inter must make better use of the potential of their attack but, like Fiorentina, they can work calmly thanks to the three points packaged at the last breath. Roma wastes too much but Mourinho has arranged the defensive mechanisms well.

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Lazio reacts vehemently to initial errors, Atalanta wins surgically but seems to have lost some certainties. Positive notes prevail at the debut of the tournament. Italy on vacation, however, takes the stadiums by storm even in mid-August. Curses and protests invest Dazn for the repeated failures that blow up some direct.

There is great anticipation for the second episode of the Serie A novel. The big crowd in the lead will end immediately because, with Turin-Lazio and Atalanta-Milan, the direct clashes will begin. –

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