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Serie A, the moviola Gazzetta: Milan-Udinese, Lecce-Inter, Monza-Turin, Sampdoria-Atalanta

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Serie A, the moviola Gazzetta: Milan-Udinese, Lecce-Inter, Monza-Turin, Sampdoria-Atalanta

Mazzoleni corrects Marinelli at San Siro, Dionisi misses in Sampdoria-Atalanta: Caputo’s goal is regular

Milan-Udinese 4-2. Referee: Marinelli

It is 7 ‘pt, rejected in the middle of the Silvestri area, Calabria falls first on the ball “peeling it” on the top and here, in a run-up, Soppy arrives who overwhelms the AC Milan player with (also) the recall leg: it doesn’t matter the quality of Calabria’s play but the late intervention of the Friulian defender who ends up kicking the AC Milan player imprudently. Marinelli initially does not decree but Mazzoleni (“The Var will be used more” said Rocchi) corrects. (m.d.v.)

Lecce 2-1 Inter. Referee: Prontera

Not an easy game that risks getting out of hand in Prontera. But the key decisions are all confirmed by the Var, starting with Dumfries’ 2-1: there is no foul. Instead, Lukaku’s intervention is a fault and at 33 st he takes the ball out of Falcone’s hands: goal canceled. Six “yellow”: Bascherotto, Colombo, Blin and Hujlmand for Lecce, Brozovic and Darmian for Inter. Only Baschirotto’s first admonition – foul on Lautaro – is disputed: for the Inter fans he is “red”, but the Var sees the means to expel the Lecce defender. The game is likely to degenerate, Lautaro enters hard (but regular) on Gonzalez, but the spirits calm down. Dzeko falls but … Blin’s intervention in the area on Dzeko, 1-1, in the second half: there is contact but it seems that the Bosnian accentuates the fall. Prontera does not whistle and the Var confirms. (f.li.)

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Sampdoria-Atalanta 0-2. Referee: Dionisi

The result weighs heavily on the serious error that deprives Sampdoria of the 1-0 goal: in the 14th minute Vieira steals the ball from Pasalic regularly, then Leris is thrown. In the race, the Dorian touches Maehle, but there are no fouls: the Nerazzurri collapses to the ground. On the cross marks Caputo. Var Pairetto calls Dionisi on the monitor and makes a mistake. Just as the referee is wrong to cancel. (g.b.o.)

Monza-Turin 1-2. Referee: Mariani

The 0-1 goal by Miranchuk and also the 1-2 by Mota sidelines without regulatory flaws. Instead, a silent check by Var (Maggioni) was needed to consider Sanabria’s 0-2 regular: the Torino striker is behind the line of the ball when he receives the assist from Ricci. Adopo’s admonition is not very clear, there are those of Pablo Marì and Singo, there are no yellows for Mota (imprudent entry with the knee on Aina’s back) and for Filippo Ranocchia who trims a slap on Ricci’s face and, according to the underlined directives even recently, a hand on the face triggers the yellow. When in the 40th minute the Radonjic grenade wedges into the area from the left side of the field, here is the impact with Marlon who, a fraction of a second before, seems to just freeze in place. (m.d.v.)

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