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Serie A, Torino-Fiorentina postponed to Monday? Udinese and Bologna still blocked

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The grenades have asked for a postponement to Monday at 18.30: the Coppa Italia dei viola would also postpone against Napoli

A few clouds less, but very uncertain weather in view of tomorrow’s matchday in Serie A. There was a worsening in the evening because Udinese communicated five new cases of positivity (four players and another member of the team group) up to to reach 15 cases of contagion, of which 12 among players. The match against Atalanta, scheduled for 4.30 pm, is therefore destined to follow the same fate as the one that the Friulians should have played on Thursday in Florence. Even if yesterday, before the new positives, he had imagined a shift to Monday, a ban on “contact” sports activities exhausted. At the same time, Atalanta-Venezia from the Italian Cup would move from Wednesday to Thursday. But it is a very complicated hypothesis and the new positivity makes it very far away.


Nothing new, however, has arrived from Bologna, where only tomorrow will the days of isolation ordered by the ASL expire after the positivity of eight players. And always in the same hours a new round of tampons will be carried out. In this case the chances of playing the match in Cagliari are practically nil.


The photograph of the situation in Turin is more encouraging. A round of tampons is scheduled today which could be decisive in unblocking the situation. Of course, the absence of further positivity would reduce the possibility of an outbreak expansion. The quarantine will be lifted tomorrow evening. By virtue of this timing, Torino asked the League to move the match against Fiorentina from 14.30 tomorrow to 18.30 on Monday. An answer – obviously it would be necessary to move the eighth final of the Coppa Italia dei viola with Napoli from Wednesday to Thursday – is expected for today.


Finally, much optimism for Salernitana’s trip to Verona for tomorrow’s match. The grenade team was the first to be heavily hit by the latest Covid wave. If it is true that another positivity was recorded, yesterday the reports of three negativizations arrived. The team should therefore leave for Veneto with a charter, finding the championship after two missed matches.


And speaking of skipped matches, today the sports judge should open the file relating to the Befana races that were not played due to the intervention of the ASL. The four pre-appeals received should shift decisions, but not everyone agrees. Aside from the “distinct yellow” relating to Bologna-Inter, Venice went on the attack yesterday. Who underlined the effort, also economic, made to organize the trip with a charter flight and exposing “the entire squad – says president Duncan Niederauer – to a high risk of contagion that we could have avoided by postponing the match. if it could be postponed, it was confirmed and by virtue of this confirmation we then went to Salerno. For this reason the match should have been played or the result of 3-0 must be sanctioned in a manner consistent with the rules. “


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