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Serie A: Verona stops Lazio, Sarri fourth but behind Roma

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Serie A: Verona stops Lazio, Sarri fourth but behind Roma

Verona-Lazio 1-1 REPORT for the 21st day of Serie A


In the 51st minute HELLAS VERONA 1-1 Lazio! Cyril Ngonge Network! Free kick from the outside taken very well at the near post by Lazovic. The Belgian takes time in Casale and finds his first goal in Serie A

In the 45th minute Hellas Verona-LAZIO 0-1! Pedro’s network! Prolonged action by the Biancocelesti with the ball arriving in the Spaniard’s area after a give and go with Cataldi. The former Chelsea player checks, turns in a moment and starts a right-footed shot at the far post that Montipò cannot block.



Verona blocks Lazio on a par with Bentegodi, allowing Maurizio Sarri’s biancocelesti to rise to fourth place but not to avoid overtaking Roma, who are third. A match that the guests seemed to haveking in hand after Pedro’s feat at the end of the first half, but that Verona with a first quarter of an hour of the aggressive second half even risked making their own. Then in the final part of the second half it was Lazio again, but Verona raised the wall in front of Montipò. A draw that doesn’t change the ranking of the Venetians, always third from bottom, but confirms that Hellas has raised the pace, and salvation is a possible goal. First half played at a great pace, with the teams trying to make the most of their characteristics. Verona plays one-on-one across the pitch looking for physicality, Lazio prefer the ball lick on the ground and the central pocketing to favor Immobile.

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There are opportunities: Doig throws away a good opportunity after a left footed shot by Ngonge that Provedel handles badly. Milinkovic Savic heads a great assist for Immobile, but the attacker’s left foot gets lost in the corner. Verona again with a right foot from Depaoli that Provedel sees at the last moment and instinctively rejects for a corner. Lazio can always hurt quickly, even if Pedro fails from an excellent position. The Spaniard makes up for it right at the end of the fraction, with an author’s play. Lazio quickly moves the ball to the ground on the edge of the Veneto area, Cataldi serves a back ball for Pedro who spins around and with his left foot goes to catch Montipò’s opposite post. Technical prowess. However, Verona right at the dawn of the second fraction puts it back on its feet. Lazovic bowls a good ball in the center of the area, Casale is anticipated by Ngonge who beats Provedel.

On enthusiasm, the yellow-blues go one step away from an encore and a right-footed shot from Lazovic hits the post to Provedel’s left. Lazio is shaken and Provedel keeps them on their feet with an amazing exit on the left with a sure blow from Doig. Sarri runs for cover. Cataldi is in apnea, the coach tries to reinforce the midfield by inserting Vecino. The move works. Lazio takes the field, Verona drops in intensity and it is the Capitoline formation that weaves the best offensive plots. But the home team grits its teeth, fights with courage and self-sacrifice, conquering a precious point

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