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Serie A women: Milan starts again, Sassuolo ko. Festa Sampdoria, in the lead with Fiorentina

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Serie A women: Milan starts again, Sassuolo ko.  Festa Sampdoria, in the lead with Fiorentina

The rossonere raise their heads after the defeats against Fiorentina and Roma, while the neroverdi remain at zero. The Colombian Rincon makes the Ligurians fly, with full points together with Patrizia Panico’s team

And on the third day Maurizio Ganz’s Milan was resurrected. The Rossonere, who had lost their first two games against Fiorentina and Roma (this had never happened in their history), fold Sassuolo, so instead the nightmare continues (last place in the standings at 0 points, like Pomigliano and Como). Christy Grimshaw and Kosovare Asllani meet again, absent in Rome, with the first conceded in the 20 ‘after having discarded the goalkeeper Kresche. It is the 2-0 goal, because Milan only takes 3 minutes to take the lead. He does it thanks to Vigilucci, who is good at rewarding Bergamaschi’s perfect cross in the best possible way. One-way first half, so that Sassuolo runs for cover: inside Dongus and Popadinova, outside Nowak and Bragonzi. A move that pays off, because in the 48th minute the ex Jane collects a loose ball in the penalty area and shortens the distance. From there, many individual errors on both sides and in the 70th minute AC Milan had to thank Giuliani, the protagonist of a great intervention on Popadinova who came face to face with the Rossoneri goalkeeper. She makes the difference, because in the 81st minute her colleague Kresche makes a mistake, coming out very badly on a corner: Mesjasz wins the rebound and scores 3-1.

The valanga

Inter dispels the Pomigliano taboo, with which they had sensationally lost both games last season. This time the girls of Rita Guarino overwhelm the bells, who return home with six goals on the rump and still zero points in the standings. The most beautiful smile of the day is that of Elisa Polli, a 2000-born striker who – also due to the consequences of a long 8-month injury – had never scored in the last season. She at the first time she as a starter she succeeds three times, the first at 15 ‘with a winning low shot at the invitation of Santi. Time 7 ‘and here is the brace (good at picking up behind the goal the countered on the conclusion of Mihashi and turning around beating the goalkeeper Cetinja) which becomes a hat-trick at the beginning of the second half with a bolide from distance. In the middle, just before the break, the great opportunity failed by Pomigliano, with Ferrario having the penalty saved by Durante. The bells will find the goal in the 53rd minute with the Brazilian striker Amorim Dias who – just 2 ‘after his debut in the league – takes a position on Alborghetti and pushes Corelli’s tense cross into the goal. But there is nothing to be done, because in the 69th minute Inter drops the poker with Karchouni’s fine right, a decisive week ago against Juve with the goal of 3-3 in the 93rd minute. In the end the Cameroonian Nchout is unleashed, who first closes a good filter from Pandini on the net and then turns on Rabot also taking advantage of Passeri’s decisive deviation.

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viola ok

Third consecutive victory for Fiorentina, who fly in the lead with full points and confirm themselves as an almost perfect car at home (fourth success in the last five). At the expense of this is Parma, which had presented itself in Florence as the third team in the league for shots made and the first for successful dribbling. Fabio Ulderici’s girls, however, approach the game badly and go down already after 3 ‘: Pirone’s foul on Catena and penalty converted by Kajan, the Hungarian striker who went on the net even in the first two days. Patrizio Panico’s viola wasted a lot in the first half (a sensational opportunity devoured by Kajan, all alone in front of the goalkeeper Cappelletti) and at the beginning of the second half they were joined by the former Melania Martinovic, able to take advantage of the assist from Marchao. Parma believes in it, who has already scored two goals in the 90th minute and wants to repeat themselves, but after just 3 ‘Fiorentina takes the lead again with Catena, who thus sends a warning to Roma, an opponent in next Saturday’s big match: for we are there too.

Party at 94 ‘

With Fiorentina, in front of everyone, there is also Cincotta’s Sampdoria, always victorious in its previous 30 against newly promoted teams. It is also repeated with Como, which surrenders only in the 94th minute and remains at 0. The magic on a free kick by the Colombian Rincon, who had also decided the match against Sassuolo (he actively participated in 14 of the 33 goals scored by his team in A, impressive). Complicated match for the Ligurians, who at 21 ‘are close to scoring with Cecilia Re’s left foot. At the beginning of the second half a wood also for Sampdoria on Tarenzi’s volley and another for the home team with Kubassova’s blow from distance. The Sampdoria try again with Gago, who doesn’t find the door on a cross from Cedeno in the 73rd minute. At 94 ‘, then, the big party with Rincon.

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