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Serie B, Como ok, Sudtirol stops Benevento on par

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Serie B, Como ok, Sudtirol stops Benevento on par

The Larians beat Perugia 1-0, while Cannavaro’s team does not go beyond 1-1 after taking the lead

A draw and a victory on Sunday in Serie B. Fabio Cannavaro’s Benevento still sticks and gets back from Sudtirol in the last minutes, 1-1 at the Druso of Bolzano. The Como of Moreno Longo, on the other hand, finds the first three points in the league, winning at home against Perugia thanks to Arrigoni’s goal (1-0). The biancoblù win after three draws and four defeats, while the Campania players still draw. Sudtirol’s race continues: 11 points in five games.

Como-Perugia 1-0

An easy easy goal is enough for Como di Longo. With Fabregas on the field as captain for the third game in a row, the man of the match is Tommaso Arrigoni, with his first goal of the season. At 34 ‘Blanco controls a ball on the left, looks to the center and serves the former Lucchese with a strong and precise cross shot. Arrigoni deviates in front of goal from two steps and beats Gori. In a match in which little happens, with some sortie by Olivieri walled by the biancoblù central, the coaches challenge each other to the sound of changes. Longo launches Cutrone and Da Riva, while Baldini replies with Strizzolo and Casasola. The Umbrians sting little, the Como almost twice the 2-0. At 66 ‘Cerri makes Gori tremble with a nice left-footed shot from outside, while a goal for a millimeter offside is canceled at Cutrone (84’). At the last minute Di Carmine very slightly raises a header touching a sensational 1-1. At the Sinigaglia first success of Como, now penultimate together with Pisa with 6 points. Perugia last at 4.

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Sudtirol-Benevento 1-1

Benevento runs away and Sudtirol takes him back. Second draw in a row for 1-1 for Fabio Cannavaro, on his second bench as coach of the Campania region. The beauty is that the Giallorossi start well: at 40 ‘Ciano takes a nice free-kick from the trocar, Pastina comes out behind everyone and scores the first goal among the professionals. Sudtirol raises its head, but hits Paleari twice. The Campanian goalkeeper neutralizes Berra and then repeats himself on Zaro, who is good at jumping higher than everyone on the developments of a corner. The former Genoa, however, blocks the posts with a great intervention of instinct (64 ‘). Only goal postponed: with 6 ‘from the end Sudtirol quickly beats a corner, Casiraghi gets the ball on the left and places a cross cut at the far post with his right. Zaro comes from behind and slips his first goal in Serie B (84 ‘). This time Paleari can do nothing. Benevento also risks insult in the 88th minute, but Pompetti – served by Odogwu – can’t find the door.

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