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Serie B, Cosenza-Como 3-1: D’urso, Rigione and Meroni scored. Vignali’s goal was useless

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Serie B, Cosenza-Como 3-1: D’urso, Rigione and Meroni scored.  Vignali’s goal was useless

The Calabrians win at home not without difficulty, thanks to the goals of D’Urso and Rigione in the first half and Meroni in the second. Vignali’s goal for the momentary 2-1 was useless. This is the fourth defeat in the league for the Larians

Opposite moods in the advance of the seventh day. At San Vito-Marulla Cosenza beat Como 3-1 thanks to goals from D’Urso and Rigione in the first half, and Meroni’s trio in the final. The Calabrians of Dionigi momentarily fly to sixth place in the standings, at 11 points. For the Larians, penultimate at 3, the shock on the bench is not enough: with Longo’s debut comes the fourth defeat in the league.


The Como attacks the game and immediately gets under with Faragò’s sharp right, who after two laps of the clock touches the post from a distance. Dionigi’s team is organized and well placed behind, Longo’s eleven chooses the central ways but does not break through. The score is released at half an hour: the Calabrians pass on the first lunge with D’Urso’s razor, who scores 1-0 with the first center in rossoblù. The Lombard reaction, on the Fabregas-Cutrone axis, is immediate but inconsistent. And at 35 ‘, Cosenza doubles with captain Rigione, good at exploiting Merola’s free-kick and Ghidotti’s empty exit to sign the 2-0. Como mitigates 5 minutes from ko with the seal of Vignali, who after forty meters of running finds the clarity to receive the ball and beat Matosevic with the right of 2-1 (41 ‘).

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The start of shooting is all of the guests. The Como tries in succession and without precision with Mancuso and with the percussion of Blanco (60 ‘), who does not reach the conclusion at the best. A few minutes later, an attempt also for the substitute Cerri, who misses the mirror of the goal with his head. Longo’s team keeps possession in the middle of the field, but the result does not move: Chajia’s right-foot goes out from the edge, while Cutrone misses by centimeters the appointment with the goal from Cerri’s low shot in the penalty area. The Larians close in 10 for the expulsion of Binks (double yellow card) in the final. And in the 85th minute, Meroni crushes Vallocchia’s corner with his head and closes the game at 3-1. Cosenza smiles, for Como it’s late at night.

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