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Serie B, Perugia-Vicenza 1-0: goal by De Luca

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The Umbrians temporarily overtake Cremonese and Frosinone, hooking the group from Benevento, Monza and Ascoli to fourth place in the standings. The Venetians remain in the penultimate place

Perugia wins by measure in the advance of the 16th matchday of Serie B, with a 1-0 over Vicenza thanks to De Luca’s match goal, unleashed on several occasions. For one night the Umbrians reach the group formed by Benevento, Monza and Ascoli in fourth place, while the Venetians remain last with Pordenone at only 7 points.


In Umbria the match is preceded by a minute of silence in honor of the historic storekeeper of the hosts, Alberto Tomassini, who unfortunately passed away. Once the match has started, however, there are 15 points in the standings to divide the two teams but, as often happens in Serie B, not all this gap is noticed on the pitch. True, Manuel De Luca would have given Perugia the lead in the first half, but the offside prevents him from cheering. The challenge opens with a double chance for Vicenza in the first quarter of an hour, initially with Loris Zonta and then with Stefano Giacomelli. De Luca is the most dangerous for the Umbrians, both for the episode of the canceled goal and for a shot that hisses from the side of the post, but before the interval the guests are still ringing with Nicola Dalmonte: 0-0 and all in the locker rooms.

Manuel’s shot

At the beginning of the second half Massimiliano Alvini inserts Gabriele Ferrarini in place of Christian Kouan, both for the warning that weighs on the Ivorian and for tactical issues. After three full minutes, the newcomer already puts his hand in it: on a corner it is he who inadvertently deflects De Luca’s header, then the ball returns to number 9 for the advantage net. Also in this case the referee invalidates the goal for offside, but the line drawn in the Var room reveals the regular position and finally the Perugia striker can rejoice. At this point Vicenza falters and clings to the prowess of a reactive Matteo Grandi, while the hosts push for the double. Ryder Matos touches him and De Luca does the same, but then Alvini’s team lowers the center of gravity, while Christian Brocchi inserts a Simone Pontisso in good shape. The balance returns, but the Venetians seem to have lost the confidence of the first half and only become dangerous in the 91st minute with Riccardo Brosco. With this 1-0 Perugia overtakes Frosinone and Cremonese momentarily, Vicenza falls instead to 5 defeats in the last 6 matches.


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