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Shanghai Football Association held the first meeting of the 10th member congress, Liu Haiguang was re-elected as chairman – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Shanghai Football Association held the first meeting of the 10th member congress Liu Haiguang was re-elected as chairmanFly into the homes of ordinary people

Yesterday afternoon, the first meeting of the tenth member congress of the Shanghai Football Association was successfully held in the Oriental Sports Building. The meeting summarized the work of the Shanghai Football Association in the past 4 years, and discussed and deployed the work in the next stage. The new leadership team and supervisory board of the Shanghai Football Association were elected. Liu Haiguang was re-elected as the chairman of the Shanghai Football Association, Lin Yi, Fan Zhiyi, etc. 10 was elected as Vice-Chairman.

Caption:Liu Haiguang was re-elected as the chairman of the Shanghai Football Association. Photo courtesy of the organizer (the same below)

Xu Bin, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, and Chairman of the Municipal Sports Federation, congratulated the newly elected Municipal Football Association leadership team and affirmed the work of the previous association leadership team: “Shanghai is the birthplace of modern football in China, and more It is the representative of Shanghai-style football. In the next work, the Shanghai Football Association must first focus on the shortcomings, make precise efforts, and overcome difficulties in deepening the reform of Shanghai football.”

This conference expanded the Executive Committee, and more representatives from government departments, professional clubs, football celebrities and social enterprises joined the Executive Committee as fresh blood.

Since the change of term in September 2017, the Municipal Football Association has made great efforts to reform in accordance with the requirements of the five modernizations (socialization, substantiation, standardization, specialization, and internationalization) of the reform and development of sports associations in this city, and on the premise of normalizing epidemic prevention and control. Innovating, leading by science and technology, gathering wisdom, and overcoming difficulties, a number of tasks have achieved positive results.

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First,Continue to promote the reform of the city’s football management system and strengthen governance efficiency, and released the “Shanghai Football Association Adjustment and Reform Plan”, “Shanghai Football Medium and Long-term Development Plan (2016-2050)” and “Shanghai Football Field Facilities Construction Plan (2016-2050)” 2020)” and other documents, clarified the goals and paths for promoting the reform of Shanghai’s football management system. The former Shanghai Football Management Center and the Shanghai Football Association completed the decoupling reform and realized the separation of management and management.

second,Full-service professional football clubs, highlighting the leading role. In the past four years, Shanghai Shenhua won the FA Cup in 2017 and 2019, Shanghai Haigang won the Chinese Super League championship in 2018, and Shanghai Shengli won the Women’s Super League and FA Cup double runner-up in 2019 and the Women’s Super League in 2020 and 2021. 2nd runner-up.

third,The decisive battle for the Shaanxi National Games will add glory to the city. Four Shanghai men’s and women’s football teams participated in the competition for all four events of the football event. All parties made concerted efforts to overcome the epidemic and fought tenaciously, achieving a total of 2 gold and 1 silver.

Caption: The meeting site

fourth,Consolidate youth football work. In 2018, the Municipal Football Association was selected as the first batch of 15 “Chinese Football Association Youth Training Centers” named by the Chinese Football Association. The association continued to play a leverage role in competition, adhered to the policy of “replacing training with competition and promoting training with competition”, and founded the Youth League, etc. competition, and completed the listing of the Youth League League through the property rights exchange market, providing a model template for promoting football reform and the development of the sports industry.

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fifth,Establish and improve the social football system. Created new competition brands of the Municipal Football Association Super League, the First Division and the Champions League. The Shanghai Super League and the Shanghai League are connected with the four-level league of the Chinese Football Association (Chinese Super League, Chinese League One, Chinese Second League, and Chinese Championship), becoming the fifth and sixth level national competitions. The City Football Association Champions League has formed the connection of city and district competitions. In 2018, the Municipal Football Association won the best member association of “People’s Football” organized by the Chinese Football Association.

sixth,Diversified football professional talent training. In the past 4 years, the Municipal Football Association has taken the initiative to go to campuses, professional clubs and enterprises and institutions to hold coaches orientation training courses, providing a diversified learning platform, and a total of about 5,000 people have been trained; a total of 1,766 registered referees, including 6 international referees. , 18 national-level referees, at the leading level in the country. In 2018, Shanghai initiated the first provincial-level competition supervision and competition management training course in the country.

seventh,Open to hold major domestic and foreign events. In cooperation with FIFA and the Chinese Football Association, the 11th FIFA Council was successfully held. Actively cooperating with the bid, Shanghai has become one of the host cities for the 2021 FIFA Club World Cup and the 2023 AFC Asian Cup.

eighth,Standardization and digitalization continued to accelerate. The information platform of the Municipal Football Association has been fully upgraded and launched to achieve scientific and standardized management. Through the “Shanghai Football Association Disciplinary Guidelines”, “Shanghai Football Association Technical Rank Management Measures Implementation Rules”, “Shanghai Football Association Membership Management System” and other documents, the management of the city has been standardized. City football industry, leading the healthy, standardized and orderly development.

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In the next stage, the Municipal Football Association plans to focus on going all out to prepare for the Asian Cup, scientifically create a rich and diverse competition system, persevere in consolidating the youth training work, effectively strengthen the internationalization of professional teams, improve the service construction of members and professional talents, and realize the association. Self-hematopoietic function and other six directions to carry out work. Liu Haiguang said: “We will put the word ‘association’ of the Football Association in the first place, be brave in making innovations and breakthroughs, improve the service level of the association, do a good job in football work with a strong sense of political responsibility and historical mission, and create a new situation for the development of football in Shanghai. , and strive to achieve Shanghai’s goal of building a world-renowned sports city.” (Xinmin Evening News reporter Guan Yin)

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