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Shanghai media: Whether it is the previous foul or the subsequent applause, Shi Ke will definitely be subject to additional penalties – yqqlm

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Shanghai media: Whether it is the previous foul or the subsequent applause, Shi Ke will definitely be subject to additional penalties – yqqlm

Original title: Shanghai media: Whether it is the previous foul or the subsequent applause, Shi Ke will be subject to additional penalties

On the evening of June 8, Beijing time, the Shanghai Haigang team officially issued an announcement to punish the international player Xu Xin for disrupting his official duties.

However, as of the morning of the 9th, the Chinese Football Association has not yet made a clear statement on whether the red card Xu Xin received in the first round of the league will be subject to additional punishment.

The consequence of this is that from 4 red cards in 9 games in the first round to 5 red cards in 7 games in two match days in the second round, the number of league red cards continues to show an upward trend.The Haigang team punished Xu Xin.

The announcement of Haigang’s punishment on Xu Xin reads: On June 4, in the first round of the 2022 Chinese Super League, in the match between Shanghai Haigang and Wuhan Yangtze River, our club’s player Xu Xin was sent off after being sent off, and he did damage again. Irrational behavior of the stadium facilities.

This act has had a negative impact on the image of the club and even the Chinese Super League. Here, the club sincerely apologizes to the fans and the Dalian Division.

At the same time, in accordance with the Shanghai Haigang team regulations and team discipline, the club made the following penalty decisions on player Xu Xin:

1. To report and criticize the wrong behavior of players within the team;

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2. The players themselves conduct deep introspection and self-examination;

3. The player shall be ordered to make full compensation for the damaged facilities, and the club shall impose a corresponding fine on him personally.Xu Xin kicked and shattered the glass of the Golden State Stadium.

It can be seen from the official punishment notice of the seaport that Xu Xin’s destruction of the door glass of the passageway of the Jinzhou Stadium in the Dalian Division on social media has been confirmed.

In the first round of the league, in addition to Xu Xin’s red card, Captain Taishan’s foul action in the opening game was also prompted by VAR, and he was finally sentenced to a red card by the referee.

According to surging news reporters, on the morning of the 7th, the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association also held a hearing on these two straight reds. Both Xu Xin and Zheng Zheng made statements about their foul actions. At the same time, the Disciplinary Committee also reviewed the two red cards internally.

There is news here that the Disciplinary Committee will pursue these two red cards, but the ticket has not been given the hammer so far… Shi Ke applauded the referee after being sent off.

Embarrassing “red card night”

In the first 9 games of the league, in addition to the red cards of Zheng Zheng and Xu Xin, there were two red cards in the last game between Cangzhou Lions and Beijing Guoan.

However, these two red cards are not particularly controversial. Zhang Chengdong was sent straight to the red because of a tactical foul, and Guo Hao was sent off after knocking down a Guoan player and accumulating two yellows. red card situation.

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In the second round of the league, the number of red cards continued to grow.

On the first match day, in the match between the Guangzhou team and the three towns of Wuhan, Guangzhou team defender Wu Shaocong, who was selected for the national training team, was sent off in the second half for accumulating two yellows, and four more red cards appeared in the two games on the 8th. Wu Shaocong (second from left) was sent off with a red card.

Among them, the defending champion Taishan team received red cards for two consecutive games – in the second half of the game against Henan Songshan Longmen, Taishan’s main defender Shi Ke raised his leg and kicked Henan foreign aid Kalanga during the fight for the ball. Although the referee gave a yellow card first, but watch the replay Immediately after the red card was commuted.

Judging from the severity, Shi Ke’s foul should receive a red card than Zheng Zheng and Xu Xingeng.However, what is puzzling is that Shi Ke made an action of applauding the referee after receiving the red card. Whether it was the previous foul or the subsequent applause, Shi Ke’s two actions are bound to be subject to additional punishment by the Chinese Football Association. There is no doubt.Zhang Yuning was sent off with a red card on Haimiti’s head.

For the defending champions, it is also necessary to pay enough attention to the fact that players have been directly red in two consecutive games, otherwise this unnecessary attrition will have a great impact on the team’s performance.

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In the match between Beijing Guoan and newly-promoted Chengdu Rongcheng, Chengdu players Haimiti, Gou Junchen and Zhou Dingyang were successively sent off, and the single team received three red cards.

In this game, the referee Li Zheng’s law enforcement was greatly questioned. Chengdu believed that according to the same standard, Guoan defender Wang Gang should also be sent off. Zhou Dingyang shoveled a Guoan player.

What’s even more outrageous is that Li Zheng actually blew the whistle of the whole game in advance with 2 minutes left of injury time, and then reminded the players to return to the court to play the final time.

Such an amateur performance of the referee magnifies the unbearableness of Chinese football on social media…Return to Sohu, see more

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