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Shao Jiayi: Liu Shao Ziyang has strong learning ability and good personality, and the future is limitless – yqqlm

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Shao Jiayi: Liu Shao Ziyang has strong learning ability and good personality, and the future is limitless – yqqlm

Original title: Shao Jiayi: Liu Shao Ziyang has strong learning ability and good personality, and the future is limitless

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Yang

Shao Jiayi, the leader of China‘s U19 National Youth Team, spoke highly of and looked forward to Liu Shao Ziyang, a young goalkeeper who is currently studying abroad in Austria, and said that the departure of world-class stars such as Haaland will not affect the competitiveness of the Bundesliga team.

Bayern Munich signed Liu Shaoziyang last year and loaned him to Austria’s Klagenfurt in February this year. Klagenfurt coach Peter Packurt was the first coach Shao Jiayi met after joining Munich 1860 in early 2003.

“He (Pacourt) was my mentor and he signed me from China to Germany. He also coached briefly at Dynamo Dresden when I was in Germany and I played against his team. , I feel very cordial to meet.” Shao Jiayi said.

Shao Jiayi said that he had little communication with Pacourt recently, but kept in touch with Liu Shaoziyang. “Liu Shao is a very potential player. I have watched him train and play, and I have talked to other coaches. He is very good in many aspects. I can see many positive things from him – strong learning ability and good personality. , With strong communication skills, he quickly integrated into the German-speaking society and was recognized by the club and his teammates.”

Shao Jiayi said that the most important thing for Liu Shao Ziyang at present is to maintain a high level of training quality and get enough opportunities to play. “As a goalkeeper, he must have continuous opportunities to play, keep it up, and have an unlimited future.”

Norwegian centre Haaland, who previously played for Borussia Dortmund, has confirmed his move to Manchester City next season. Bayern center and world footballer Lewandowski may also leave the team next season. Shao Jiayi said that this will not damage the competitiveness of the Bundesliga.

“Haaland and Lewandowski are both world-recognized top centers trained by the Bundesliga, which reflects the competitiveness of the Bundesliga as a top league. If they leave, it will bring uncertainty, but young players will come up, such as Dortmund just signed Salzburg striker Adeyemi, and his performance on the court is very outstanding.” Shao Jiayi said, “At present in Bayern, Dortmund, Leverkusen, Leipzig and other teams, you can see very good performance. Players who have the quality and potential to become the world‘s top players in the future.”

Bayern won the only ten consecutive championships in the top five European leagues this season, and it has also faced some doubts about the competitiveness of Bundesliga teams. Shao Jiayi believes that Bayern’s success has its reasons.

“Luck doesn’t come on its own. If you understand Bayern’s style of doing things, you will have a lot of confidence in them. Bayern works meticulously and walks ahead of many teams so that they can gain an advantage in the game, maintain a ten-year dominance, and have a good relationship with the club. Operation, management work and fan support are inseparable.” Shao Jiayi said.

Speaking of Chinese football, Shao Jiayi said frankly that in terms of his own playing and coaching experience, now is the most difficult time for Chinese football in recent decades. “If you want to change, the pain is inevitable. We have very few good coaches and players, but if we make good use of our limited resources, select top players, and give the best education and training, it will be effective.”

Shao Jiayi said: “If we have 100 excellent players in each age group, although it is not comparable to the football population base of 1,000, 10,000 or even deeper in other countries, only 11 people (playing) are allowed on the football field. If we give these 100 players the best technical support, the future will not be too bad, and we can compete with other teams.” (End)Return to Sohu, see more


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