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Shen Zhenzhen’s Redemption: From Lanke Cup Loss to Consecutive Championships

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Shen Zhenzhen’s Redemption: From Lanke Cup Loss to Consecutive Championships

Title: Shin Jin-joo Bounces Back with Three Consecutive Championships after Lanke Cup Loss

Shin Jin-joo, the renowned Go player, has shown incredible resilience by winning three consecutive championships within 11 days after suffering a devastating loss in the Quzhou Lanke Cup. Despite the significant prize money and triumph, Shin is still haunted by his defeat in the Lanke Cup, which was deemed as a blow to his invincibility.

Shin Jin-joo experienced a setback in his career when he lost the Quzhou Lanke Cup on June 17, marking his first defeat in over two years. This defeat not only slowed down his growth rate in becoming a world champion but also continued the curse of invincibility in decisive games. The defeat shattered the myth of his invincibility as he was defeated by a Chinese opponent.

However, Shin Jin-joo did not let this defeat define him. Within 11 days, from June 25 to July 5, he defeated the top three players from South Korea, including Bian Sang-il, Park Ting-hwan, and Shin Min-jung. He emerged victorious in all these games and won three consecutive championships. The total prize money for these championships amounted to 380 million won, surpassing the Quzhou Lanke Cup, but the glory of the world champion still eluded him, making it hard for him to move on.

Following his remarkable victories, Shin Jin-joo achieved a milestone by securing his 32nd personal championship, the fourth title since 2023. Despite his success, he found it challenging to overcome the lingering shadow of the Lanke Cup’s defeat.

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Shin Jin-joo’s road to redemption continued as he participated in the 2022-2023 season KB Kookmin Bank Korean League Finals, the 4th Supreme Chess Player Finals, and the 2nd YK Cup finals. In the Korean League finals, Shin played a crucial role in his team’s victory, winning against Xu Rongluo and playing a pivotal role in his team’s 3-0 triumph.

In the 4th Supreme Chess Tournament, Shin Jin-joo faced his old opponent Park Ting-hwan in the final three rounds. With convincing victories in all three rounds, Shin won the championship. The prize money for this championship amounted to 70 million won. While Shin Jin-joo’s achievement was remarkable, the defeat in the Quzhou Lanke Cup still cast a shadow over his success.

Shin Jin-joo’s quest for redemption continued as he participated in the YK Cup Wufanqi final from July 3rd to 5th. Despite facing strong opponents, Shin Jin-joo secured victory three times in a row, cementing his reputation as a formidable Go player. The prize money for winning the YK Cup totaled 60 million won.

Despite his recent victories, Shin Jin-joo remains focused on the future. In an interview, he expressed disappointment in his performance in the Lanke Cup and emphasized his determination to seize future opportunities. Shin Jin-joo aims to excel in the upcoming Ying’s Cup and Asian Games.

Shin Jin-joo’s resilience and determination are evident in his recent victories following the Lanke Cup defeat. Despite the significant prize money and consecutive championship wins, Shin remains haunted by his defeat and is determined to reclaim his status as a world champion. The Go player’s journey of growth and redemption continues as he prepares for future competitions.

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