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Shimano introduces two new glasses, S-PHYRE and AEROLITE –

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Shimano introduces two new glasses, S-PHYRE and AEROLITE –

Shimano presents the second generation S-PHYRE and AEROLITE eyewear models. Featuring RIDESCAPE lens technology that accentuates colors and highlights surfaces on different types of terrain, S-PHYRE and AEROLITE are specially designed to enhance your driving experience.

The top-of-the-line S-PHYRE model features an all-new magnetic lens system for quick and easy lens changes, while the AEROLITE offers exceptional vision performance, RX-CLIP compatibility for prescription eyeglass wearers, and a sleek, modern design at a modest price for the everyday cyclist.

RIDECAPE lens technology

Shimano’s exclusive RIDECAPE lens technology offers six lens options to suit different weather conditions and terrain types. From extremely sunny days on the road to driving a forest trail or chasing the dim light of an evening gravel ride, RIDESCAPE transmits just the right amount of light to improve visibility.

Details that would normally be washed out, dull or flat become more clearly defined and vibrant.

Occhiali S-PHYRE

The second generation S-PHYRE goggles feature a straight top rim with foldable aero temples that are fully integrated with the rim and lens. The rounded temples have a non-slip coating for a secure fit and lasting comfort.

The new magnetic lens system makes changing and cleaning Shimano RIDECAPE lenses faster and easier than ever. Available in a variety of colors and lens options, the S-PHYRE is ready to take on the road, trail or gravel in style.

Frame: matte black, extra matte white, metallic red, metallic orange and metallic blue
Weight: 29.3g
Spare lens: RIDECAPE CL
Lens system: magnetic
Prezzo: € 189,95

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Aerolite glasses

Worn by the top contenders in this season’s World Cup cyclo-cross races, the new AEROLITE eyewear is where function meets fashion. They feature Shimano’s premium RIDECAPE HC lens that boosts contrast and accentuates detail. The semi-circular frame design offers protection without obstructing the field of vision and offers an elegant look that is also appreciated by professionals.

Additionally, the AEROLITE frame was co-developed with RX-CLIP, making it easy to add corrective lenses to the frame. The RX-CLIP attaches quickly and securely to the adjustable nose piece for a clear view of the road ahead.

Frame: Black, White, Metallic Red, Matte Metallic Blue, Moss Green
Weight: 26g
Lens: RIDECAPE HC, photochromic gray
Price (RIDESCAPE HC): €64.95
Price (photochromic grey): €94.95

Source: Shimano press release

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