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Shimenshan Bicycle Hill Climb Competition at the top of Shiliang_Zhejiang Online

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Shimen Mountain Bicycle Hill Climb Race Final Battle at the Top of Shiliang

2023-04-06 11:38:50

Source: Tribune

Correspondent Ke Hua

On April 2, the 6th Bicycle Hill Climb Race in Shiliang Town (Shimen Mountain), the border center of the four provinces, kicked off passionately. Nearly 500 cyclists from all over the country gathered in Quzhou. A battle to climb Shimen Mountain, which challenged the limit of cycling, started among the green mountains and green waters of Shiliang Town, Kecheng District. It is reported that this event consists of six groups: men’s road elite group, men’s mountain public group, men’s mountain master group, women’s group, youth group, and martial arts riding group.

22 kilometers of winding mountain roads, 1208 meters of vertical altitude, 2 hours of bumpy roads… This is a “crazy journey” that tests the rider’s speed and passion, endurance and technology. “We have been looking forward to this event for a long time, and we can’t wait to ride and complete our first goal of this year.” Liu Ziyong from the Kecheng District Cycling Sports Association said that this is the first bicycle race held in our city after the epidemic. Together, we will challenge Kecheng Shiliang to the “Three Boundaries” road.

This activity is one of the 2022 National Fitness Day series of activities in “Sports Kecheng”. Experience the route. The extremely challenging track, coupled with the beautiful natural scenery along the way, makes the Shimen Mountain Hill Climb Race one of the most popular events for riders.

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