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Shock!Manchester City open to signing Pogba free this summer

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Shock!Manchester City open to signing Pogba free this summer

Original title: Shocked!Man City open to signing Pogba player himself this summer

Among the many players whose contracts have expired at Manchester United this summer, Pogba is one of the most concerned, and the future of the Frenchman is particularly concerned. According to “ESPN”, Manchester United’s rivals Manchester City are considering the introduction of Pogba, which will be a huge blow to the Red Devils.

With captain Fernandinho self-announced to leave Manchester City this summer, the Blues are looking for a midfielder who can fill his place. West Ham’s Rice is one of the candidates, but his £150m price tag is prohibitive. At the same time, Manchester City are also interested in Barcelona’s Frenkie de Jong, but it is unknown whether the Dutch midfielder will be willing to leave the team.

According to information obtained by “ESPN”, Pogba is open to joining Manchester City, and the Blue Moon also believes that the Frenchman is a viable option because his contract expires this summer and does not need to cost Manchester City a penny. dues.

It is reported that even if Pogba will become one of the highest-paid players at the Etihad Stadium and his agent will receive a lot of commissions, the total cost of the signing without paying the transfer fee is also within a controllable range.

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