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Short Track World Championships

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Short Track World Championships

2022-04-11 09:09:23Source: CCTV

On April 11, Beijing time, the 2022 World Short Track Speed ​​Skating Championships continued in Canada. Hungarian Chinese star Liu Shaoang won the men’s 1000m and men’s all-around championships, becoming the second quadruple champion after Cui Minjing. At the World Championships, South Korea won 5 golds, Hungary 4 golds, and the Netherlands 1 gold.

In the men’s 1000m Group A final, Hungarian star Liu Shaoang withstood the pressure and showed his superior strength in the face of the impact of two South Korean players. He won the championship with a score of 1:25.462. This is his first time in this event. Three gold, South Korean player Li Junrui won the runner-up, another Korean player Guo Yunqi won the third runner-up.

In the men’s super 3000m, Canada’s Dieng won the first place in 4:42.214, and Liu Shaoang won the seventh in 5:18.284. In the end, Liu Shaoang won the men’s all-around championship and became the quadruple champion.

In the men’s 5000-meter relay, the Hungarian team led by Liu Shao’ang won the fourth place, failing to achieve a big win in the men’s event. The South Korean team led by Guo Runqi won the championship with 6 minutes 56 seconds 709, the Netherlands won the runner-up, and the Canadian team won the third runner-up.

At the World Championships, South Korea won 5 golds, Hungary won 4 golds, and the Netherlands won 1 gold.

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