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Shot of Venice: a network of Aramu knocks out Fiorentina

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Fiorentina is shipwrecked in the lagoon, yields to Venice and misses the engagement in fourth place in the standings. After the knockout against Napoli it was supposed to be the challenge of the relaunch for the Viola who, on the other hand, are not very dynamic and aggressive and inconclusive in the realization phase despite the much possession of the ball and end up suffering a heavy knockout. The Venetians sign the second victory in the league (the first at home) after the success against Empoli and make a good leap forward in terms of salvation, stretching over their rivals and reaching Turin, Verona and Sassuolo with 8 points.

At the ‘Penzo’ we saw a faded and poorly polished purple team, starting with Vlahovic who appeared lackluster and almost never dangerous except in the final when the Italian team tried with one less man (expulsion of Sottil) to straighten in the match starts. Too little, it is probable that the rumors about the non-renewal of the contract have left their mark on the Serbian talent who had given great impetus to the Tuscan team at this start of the championship. Absent Castrovilli, Dragowski and Kokorin, Italian fielded from the first minute Amrabat with Sottil in the trident together with Vlahovic and Callejon. In Venice, space in attack against Henry, Aramu and Johnsen. Round ball of the viola and inherent pressing of the Venetians in the first minutes of the match that is struggling to take off. Vlahovic tries to give energy and rhythm with a series of lunges using the sudden game changes triggered by Sottil and Callejon. Venezia struggled to recover the ball and suffered from the ordered dribble of the Viola who, with the passing of the minutes, took control of the midfield. On a central percussion of Bonaventura shot dirty by Svoboda with Romero that neutralizes with the tip of the fingers. It is one of the few flare-ups of the first half hour that passed without high pitches and episodes other than the one concerning a suspicious contact on Odriozola in the area. The Viola play a lot but finish little and at the first real lunge Venezia takes advantage of it to hit the mark with Aramu, one of the players who symbolize the promotion of the orange-blacks. The striker in the 36th minute on a counterattack initiated by Busio, collects an assist from Henry who in front of the goalkeeper Terracciano supports for his teammate who in complete solitude has plenty of time to support the net with an empty goal. Fiorentina punished in the only defensive inattention thus finds herself having to recover after having led the match for large stretches.

In the second half, the Italian replaces the yellow card Odriozola with Benassi while Zanetti is forced to change after a few minutes due to Johnsen’s injury. In his place Okereke. Fiorentina need more dynamism but the team struggles to build and Vlahovic has few balls available to express all his speed and power. The purple coach decides after almost an hour of play to have recourse to the South Americans, inserting Gonzalez and Torreira for Callejon and Amrabat. The Venice continues to close well and in order, it also allows itself some forays forward again with Aramu. The Viola try with a free kick from Torreira with a powerful but inaccurate right and then with Sottil who undergoes a double yellow card in ten minutes that leaves the Italian team in 10. For Fiorentina, the game becomes uphill, the choice of he last step in the offensive phase continues to be imprecise and the final assaults are not enough. Vlahovic touches the post with time out. Too little to push the purples up.

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