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Shougang Ski Jumping Platform is completed, the shape of the track is basically completed – Xianning Net

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 17 (Reporters Zhang Xiao, Xia Zilin) ​​The Shougang Ski Jumping Platform located in Shijingshan District, Beijing is making the final effort to build a track for the Winter Olympics snowboard and freestyle ski jumping events. The reporter learned from the venue operation team on the 17th that the construction of the venue’s take-off platform has been completed, and the shape of the track has been basically completed.

Building the jumping platform is the key work of the venue’s preparation for the competition. During the construction process, the shaping experts need to accurately shape the position, height, elevation, parabola length and angle of the take-off platform according to the FIS parameter standards, combined with the track design plans of the two projects of the veneer and the freestyle ski jumping platform. shape.

“In the ‘boiling snow’ competition held at the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform in 2019, the staff used wooden boards to block the sides and front of the snowdrift, and then used a snow press to push the snow from the back side to build the jumping platform. This Winter Olympics The jumping platform was built by pushing the snow out of the rough shape directly by a snow press and then artificially shaping it,” said Pan Xiaozhi, communications manager of the venue operation team.

“During manual shaping, different types of snow rakes, shovels and snow removal shovels will be used for preliminary shaping, and then leveling will be done with precision instruments such as a spirit level, so as to ‘press high and fill low’, reflecting the characteristics of fine shaping,” he said.

Sculpting expert Simon Adams has many years of experience in sculpting from the platform. The Scotsman is a “China Hand” and his Chinese name is “Xiaosai”. Adams said: “Track shaping is like cooking. It is not enough to prepare the side dishes and ingredients. We need to cook carefully, especially to master the heat.” Track shaping is the same, putting snow on the track. It’s just the first step. Sculpting experts need to constantly adjust and improve to help athletes take off and flip better.

According to on-site measurements, the height of the take-off platform of the Shougang Ski Jump is nearly 4 meters, the angle between the take-off platform and the landing slope is nearly 40 degrees, and the length of the end area is nearly 30 meters. “This can help athletes take off, and at the same time protect them to the greatest extent and land safely, and reduce the probability of falling and injury due to mistakes.” Zhao Wei, secretary general of the operation team of the Shougang Ski Jumping Stadium, said that the shape of the track will continue until the eve of the opening of the Winter Olympics. , and strive to bring athletes a perfect skating experience. (Finish)

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