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Show at San Siro, Inter beat Napoli 3-2 and moved to -4 from the top. After Milan, the other leaders also falls

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Important victory for Inter who beat Napoli leaders 3-2 at San Siro taking advantage of yesterday’s slip by Milan in Florence to get close to -4 from the top pair. Success in comeback for the Nerazzurri who replicate Zielinski’s goal in the 17 ‘with Calhanoglu on a penalty in the 25’, Perisic in the 43 ‘and Lautaro Martinez in the 61’. At 78 ‘second goal by the Neapolitans with Mertens. The ranking sees Inzaghi’s team rise to 28 points, to 32 Milan and Naples.

At 7 ‘the first opportunity is from the Nerazzurri, Calhanoglu sinks to the left wing and puts a tense cross in the center which Lautaro pounces on with his head, the ball out of a breath. Restart of Inter and the ball for Darmian who cuts in the center and tries an oversized low shot. At 17 ‘Napoli passes thanks to a perfect counterattack: Osimhen discharges for illustrious who with a horizontal pass draws Zielinski to the limit who with a tracer addressed to the intersection of the poles overcomes Handanovic. Immediate reaction of the Nerazzurri, Calhanoglu on a free kick fishing in the area Skriniar who shoots high from the small area. At 24 ‘penalty for Inter for a handball by Koulibaly on a close shot by Barella, the referee Valeri after seeing the Var assigns the penalty. Calhanoglu takes charge of the shot that displaces Ospina: 1-1. At 33 ‘Naples opportunity with Lozano fishing in the Osimhen area, the safe shot is rejected by Skriniar. On the opposite side, Lautaro’s shot on the side. At 39 ‘Insigne orchestrates yet another counterattack by the Azzurri, the ball reaches Lozano who puts it in the center for Osimhen’s head who, however, does not find the right impact with the ball. At the end of time error by Di Lorenzo who serves Barella, the tracer of the Italian national team is rejected by Ospina. At 43 ‘Inter took the lead: on a corner from Calhanoglu, Perisic headed in advance from a tight angle, mocking the Napoli goalkeeper.

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Beginning of the recovery of the Nerazzurri brand, Calhanoglu goes to the bottom and fishes in the Lautaro area, the Argentine’s turn is saved by Ospina careful at the near post. He is not watching Napoli, Lozano enters the area looking for the far post, Skriniar sweeps. Osimhen comes out victim of a fortuitous clash to the head, Petagna enters. At 61 ‘Inter dropped the trio, Correa restarted the whole field by serving to the limit Lautaro who with a precise diagonal overtook Ospina. Double change for Inzaghi, out of Calhanoglu and Correa for Vidal and Dzeko. Galvanized Inter plays on velvet, it is Perisic who tries again the way of the goal with a low shot from distance, Ospina relaxes and saves. Gagliardini and Dimarco join Inter for Lautaro and Barella. Napoli, on the pitch with a white version of the new shirt called ‘Maradona Game’, in honor of the ‘Pibe de oro’, tries to raise their heads but the Nerazzurri team defends itself in order. Spalletti throws Mertens and Elmas into the fray for Lozano and Insigne. The challenge reopens in the 78th minute when Mertens finds the wild card from the edge, a powerful and precise shot that goes under the crossbar. Still Naples, Mertens misses the touch on the fly from a good position, the ball reaches the limit to Zielinski who wastes. At 85 ‘Perisic’s tense ball in the area, the blue defense sweeps. Last change for Inter, Perisic gives way to Satriano. There are 8 minutes of recovery. At 90 ‘occasionissima for Mario Rui, his header from Di Lorenzo’s cross is touched by Handanovic with the ball touching the crossbar before going out. Final siege of Napoli with Inter gritting their teeth, in 97 ‘play by Anguissa who drinks two defenders and puts in the center for Mertens who wastes from a good position, Inter takes home 3 fundamental points for the run-up to the top of the ranking.

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