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Shui Qingxia contract until the Paris Olympics Chen Wanting will not appear in the women’s football coaching staff_china women’s football

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Original title: Shui Qingxia contract until the Paris Olympics Chen Wanting will not appear in the women’s football coaching staff

Article source: Xinmin.com

Within a week when the selection of the Chinese women’s football coach was urgently suspended, the Chinese Football Association “Light Speed” completed the official appointment of the women’s football coach. It is reported that during the third stage of the Women’s Super League, the Football Association took advantage of the Shanghai Women’s Football bye last week to invite Shui Qingxia to Beijing to determine the relevant matters concerning his succession as the head coach of the Chinese Women’s Football.

It is foreseeable that in the next Women’s Super League, Shui Qingxia’s focus will not be on the Shanghai women’s football team, but will be placed on the work of the team members in order to finalize the training list for the Asian Cup of women’s football as soon as possible. . “I am very excited to be the head coach of the women’s national team.” In an interview with the media, Shui Qingxia said that the first task is to play well in the Asian Cup. The training time is not long, so I hope the team can make better adjustments on the original basis during this preparation process.”

One of the reasons why Shui Qingxia was able to take up the post of the Chinese women’s football coach is that she is very familiar with the current Women’s Super League and the players of various teams. According to the “Beijing Youth Daily” report, preparations for the new cycle of the Chinese women’s football team started after the coach was officially seated. Although the Chinese Football Association has not yet disclosed the specific task indicators of the Chinese women’s football tournament, the team will strive to rank among the top three in the Asian Cup and Asian Games next year.

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In the face of the Asian Cup in front of us, for the Chinese women’s football team, it is not difficult for the Chinese women’s football team to get the top five and get through tickets to the 2023 World Cup. However, teams such as Japan, South Korea and Australia are currently quite competitive, and it is still quite challenging to get the top three. “It happened to be the National Games some time ago. Most of the national football players are also members of the United team. They are relatively familiar with the players. In the women’s football team for so many years, we should talk about the personnel of each team, especially the main players. I think I still know better. Yes. In this case, it may be of great help to my next step to lead the team.” Shui Qingxia said.

It is reported that, like the previous appointment of Jia Xiuquan, the Chinese Football Association plans to use a whole period of Olympic preparations as the recruitment cycle of Shui Qingxia’s coach team, which means that Shui Qingxia is expected to lead the team to the 2024 Paris Olympics. At present, the Chinese women’s football team plans to re-focus on December 10, and the training camp is initially set in Shanghai to facilitate the team’s exit and entry.

At the same time, candidates who participated in the women’s football interview competition have returned to their original jobs. It is worth mentioning that Chen Wanting was invited to Hainan to coach and lead the Qiongzhong Women’s Football Club, which is composed of U18 echelon players, to prepare for the second division of the Women’s Football League.

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Chen Wanting faced the event of losing the election with a more peaceful mind. She summarized her thoughts in a post on her personal social media: “I have been fortunate enough to have received a lot of media attention and reports along the way. Whether it is good or bad, true or false, I am willing to receive one by one. Even though the stories are praised. There may be scolding, it may be irritated by ears, bows and snakes, borrowing water to travel, but at least others are willing to spend time on themselves, and it is also an opportunity to study hard, adjust their mentality, and focus on doing their duties. After all, I chose the path of coaching. There are various challenges to face.”Return to Sohu to see more


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