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Si Jiahui upset Murphy 10-9 in the World Championships, the only Chinese player to enter the top 16_Sports_News Channel_Yunnan.com

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  Original title: World Championship Si Jiahui upset Murphy 10-9 lore China‘s only 16 players

In the first round of the 2023 Snooker World Championship, Chinese teenager Si Jiahui, born in 2002, is the lowest-ranked player in this World Championship (80th), facing Murphy, one of the favorites to win the championship, the whole game He has always been in a dominant position. Although he missed three match points, he still won a thrilling 10-9. He broke a century with one stroke and 50+ with six strokes, becoming the only Chinese player to reach the top 16.

Before Si Jiahui played, the remaining four of the five Chinese players participating in the World Championships, including Pang Junxu, Ding Junhui, Wu Yize and Fan Zhengyi, had been eliminated one after another. In the first round against the strong enemy Murphy, Si Jiahui had an upset victory over his opponent in the first round of the 2021 UK Championship, and he was not at a disadvantage psychologically.

In this duel, Murphy got off to a smooth start, scoring 131 points and 72 points in a single stroke, taking a 2-0 lead. In the third game, Si Jiahui scored 87 points and scored zero to get back a game. In the fourth game, Murphy won with 92 points and took a 3-1 lead. After that, Si Jiahui won four rounds in a row. In the seventh round, he scored 50 points in one stroke to overtake 4-3. In the fifth round, he scored 83 points in a single stroke to expand his advantage by 5-3. In the ninth round, Murphy won in the chaos, and Si Jiahui took a slight lead 5-4 in the first stage.

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In the second stage, the two continued to fight. Si Jiahui scored 120 points in the tenth round and won with 93 points in the 11th round, expanding his advantage to 7-4. After that, Murphy scored 102 points and 66 points in a single stroke successively, chasing two games in a row to narrow the gap.

In the 14th inning after the break, Si Jiahui scored 86 points with one stroke. In the 15th inning, he scored 117-0 with zero seals. In the next two innings, he won the match point 9-6. Murphy was extremely tenacious, chasing three match points in a row, and scored 120 points in a single stroke in the 18th inning, chasing the total score to 9-9. In the deciding game, Si Jiahui seized the opportunity and won with 56 points in one stroke. With a total score of 10-9, he beat Murphy and became the only Chinese player to break into the top 16.

In the 1/8 finals, Si Jiahui’s opponent will be Milkins, who has reversed Joe Perry 10-9, and is expected to further advance to the quarterfinals.

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