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Silvestri and Udinese court CR7 on social media

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Silvestri and Udinese court CR7 on social media

UDINE. Those who know him well guarantee that Destiny Udogie has not changed his mind compared to what he declared last April, when in “The Italian football podcast”, a column in English language edited by Carlo Garganese and Nima Tavallaey, he guaranteed, with the Udinese tracksuit on : «I was born in Italy, I feel more Italian, I grew up in the blue youth selections and I will continue playing here. I want to join the senior national team and I will do everything to succeed ».

The point is that, despite a season (last) that ended in crescendo, a summer transfer of twenty and more million to Tottenham, a sprint start in Serie A, this time playing on loan for Udinese, the coach Roberto Mancini has still neglected him, leaving him at the disposal of the Under 21 team of his colleague Paolo Nicolato who, among other things, does not seem to be a great admirer of the Juventus winger, given that in the past he preferred to field the Empolese Parisi or, even, Quagliata, a left-handed made his bones in Holland in Heracles before returning to Italy in Cremonese.

We will see what will happen today, given that the azzurrini are expected from the test with the same English age and among the squads there are also the “contenders” Cambiaso and Ruggeri. All these doubts in a blue key for a player who is destined to carve out an important space at the international level, for physical and technical qualities, have therefore fueled the rumors of a possible “alternative” choice of Udogie, given that, having not yet played a minute of a senior level match with Italy, he could also opt for the Nigeria national team, considering that he was born in Verona (on November 28, 2002, so he is not yet twenty years old) of Nigerian parents and is therefore in possession of the double passport. The “Super Eagles” will try, but the Juventus dreams are still tinged with blue. What is certain is that, after unlikely calls from acquired Italians, from Joao Pedro to Luis Felipe, a minute in the next official match Udogie would do it, if we were in the role of coach Mancini, just to put the “flag” on a potentially starting player in the next ten. years.

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Udinese remains on the sidelines of this “dispute”, observes interested only in the mileage that the various selections will make Udogie and all the other national teams do in view of the resumption of the championship, precisely in Verona on the first Monday of October. Other bianconeri are committed to the Under 21 level: Samardzic tomorrow in the friendly against France and the Irishmen Ebosele and Abankwah (on the sidelines in Sottil’s choices) in the play-off of the European category against Israel.

At a “higher” level, however, Ebosse will be with Cameroon against Uzbekistan, on Saturday it will be the turn of Slovenia of Bijol and Lovric, opposed to Norway in the Nations League, on the Italian night at 1.30, in Florida, Nehuen Perez’s Argentina will challenge Jamaica.

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