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Simone Tiribocchi: “Udinese can’t play well only after being slapped”

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When he played it was a matter of muscles, of knowing how to do it at the doors to send her in, but also of his head, to be exploited not only in the aerial game, but above all to understand the game.

It is no coincidence that Simone Tiribocchi was nicknamed the “Tir”, a reference to power therefore, and to a use of force that the current technical voice of Dazn invites to exert also in Udinese seen and commented on Monday evening, and crossed in the analysis to the Genoa that the former Atalanta and Turin striker, among others, followed on Sunday.

Tiribocchi, in his first speech with Gotti, recalled the eight games in which Udinese went under in the score …

«Yes, because it makes me strange that a team has to take a slap in the face to react and perform at their best. Udinese have great quality up front and must exploit it, but to do so, some key players like Deulofeu and Pereyra have to play and make the difference ».

Let’s start with the Pereyra experiment, placed in the middle in the two-man median at the beginning of the game.

«Gotti took a risk and unfortunately it didn’t go well for him, but on Pereyra it must be said that there are few players like him, and when the“ Tucu ”is on the ball he makes the team go round. For me, his importance to Udinese is equal to that of Osimhen to Napoli, not so much for the role of course, but for the ability to take the team by the hand and drag it along ».

A “Tir” of the Juventus median therefore …

“Yes, and he later demonstrated it in the second half with Toro, when he was raised and Gotti entered Arslan to give another message to the team by inserting a dribbler”.

Speaking of changes, Udinese has been changing form for some games depending on who they play.

«Many times the difference is made by the interpretation that the team gives to the module, rather than the module itself, and it is clear that putting more right players in their favorite role can give results in the day of good mood for the interpreters. From what I have seen, if you play with the three in front you have to go more on the outside, and you struggle if you stay low with the three defenders behind ».

We have arrived at another “Tir”, that Beto to be served better.

«I like it and I must say that it has something important. He is no longer a kid, he is no longer a first-hair and has excellent progression, but he still does not play very well for the team, on the contrary he is very solitary in his movements and moves like an “old bomber”. He comes towards him because he knows he can score with a certain movement and attacks the depth alone for the same reason ».

How to say that he still has to learn to move according to the team?

“Yup. He must learn to make more effective movements even if in Turin Udinese’s first game idea was a ball on him who went one on one with Bremer. I don’t think it is a problem for Beto to play in a three or two attack, but he must also be supported ».

In summary, you need the best Pereyra and the best Beto …

“Yes, but I must say that in Turin I would also have expected a more enterprising Udinese with the strength he has at his disposal, and also by virtue of the ranking he had, even if I must admit that I liked Udinese.”

Classification that now, however, frames the challenge against Genoa as delicate.

“A good match could come out of it and for Udinese the difference can be made by those strikers that Genoa do not have due to the many injuries.”

After having commented on Genoa, what is the state of the art in the Rossoblu home?

«At the moment he is in difficulty because even with the change of coach the absences have weighed on him. The various Destro, Criscito, Bani, Cassata are essential and just having them available helps a coach. With Roma, the rossoblùs were careful, but as soon as Pandev came out they were no longer able to restart ».

Does Shevchenko have a lot to work with?

“Surely he needs to find quality in attack and in finishing, but it must also be said that even with Ballardini this Genoa proved to be a team that never gives up, so it must be taken with a grain of salt, even if some players recover or not. it will determine their attitude in Udine ».

Tiribocchi, Genoa was tamed at Marassi by a very young striker like Felix. Has the championship found a rising star?

«I would say yes because I was already surprised in Cagliari, where he entered and made functional movements for the team. He has incredible skills and is combining technique with movements. There are all the ingredients, but then there are the mental, managerial and cognitive aspects that will tell where it can go ».

The young people of Udinese, on the other hand?

“I like Molina very much as well as Udogie who I also follow in the Under 21, but in Turin they were a bit shy”.

What kind of market do you expect from Udinese?

«It will depend on the form, if he will play with the two strikers or not, but also on the type of championship you want to do».

As seen by Dazn, are you enjoying the championship?

“Yes, also because people have returned to the stadiums and are very balanced, with Juve having taken 5 points over Milan in the last two weeks”.

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