Home Sports Sirbu and Tonin the fastest at the San Rocco pedestrian path in Prapavei

Sirbu and Tonin the fastest at the San Rocco pedestrian path in Prapavei

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Sirbu and Tonin the fastest at the San Rocco pedestrian path in Prapavei
The men’s podium

Over three hundred competitors in the Sedicense race. In the tests reserved for young prizes to Azzalini, Busetti, Feltrin and Da Ronch


Mihail Sirbu and Francesca Tonin win the nineteenth pedestrian walk of San Rocco in Prapavei di Sedico. The event crowned the three days of celebrations in honor of the patron saint of the Sedicense district. Over three hundred people took part in the race. In the men’s overall ranking, Sirbu preceded Federico Polesana and Ivan Basso on the podium. In the women’s one, however, Tonin was more than two minutes away from Valeria Tormen and Federica Dal Ri.

At the youth level, Manolo Azzalini and Viola Feltrin were the fastest in the category reserved for children between the ages of nine and twelve, while Sebastiano Busetti and Irene Da Ronch were the first to cross the finish line among children up to eight years of age. As the largest group was awarded that of medium beers (19 participants).

The event aimed to raise awareness on the issue of blood donation. Winner among the donors Emanuela Zaetta, among the Dilman Comel donors.

Male: 1. Mihail Sirbu 25.58; 2. Federico Polesana 26.52; 3. Ivan Basso 28.50; 4. Fabio Roni 29.50; 5. Aldo Vascellari 30.44; 6. Dilman Comel 30.55; 7. Alessandro Belluco 31.09; 8. Eddy Da Riz 31.09; 9. Alessandro Trevisan 31.19; 10. Davis Zasso 31.55; 11. Davide Chiesa 32.39; 12. Denis Zago 32.53; 13. Luca Pauletti 33.10; 14. Dimitri D’Incà 33.35; 15. Andrea Carnio 33.48.

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9-12 years: 1. Manolo Azzalini 12.00; 2. Matteo Vedani 13.05; 3. Nicolò Maccagnan 13.06; 4. Francesco Scapol 15.57; 5. Liam Dal Molin 16.10.

Up to 8 years: 1. Sebastiano Busetti 15.11; 2. Enrico Azzalini 17.27; 3. Jonah Feltrin 18.27; 4. Filippo D’Incà 31.25.

Female: 1. Francesca Tonin 32.54; 2. Valeria Tormen 34.58; 3. Federica Dal Ri 35.23; 4. Emanuela Zaetta 37.16; 5. Enrica Turi 38.04

9-12 years: 1. Viola Feltrin 17.05; 2. Camilla D’Incà 21.07; 3. Giulia Spinardi 21.27; 4. Eugenia Da Ronch 21.35; 5. Emily Todesco 26.20.

Up to 8 years: 1. Irene Da Ronch 29.04; 2. Giulia De Pellegrin 33.00; 3. Anna Bristot 35.10.

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