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Six great exes tell the story of the super Milan of 2002/07: “Yes, we were fine together”

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Six great exes tell the story of the super Milan of 2002/07: “Yes, we were fine together”

Ambrosini, Gattuso, Pippo Inzaghi, Nesta, Maldini and Pirlo in a docufilm for Dazn tell the protagonist squadron of 5 memorable years, which also won two Champions

It is a Devil who is pulled by the jacket from both sides. On the one hand the club that wants to go back to painting its future with strong colors, on the other the one that proudly looks back and sees the silverware glistening. Because it is impossible to think of a winning Milan again without drawing from Milan capable of writing history. This time they tell it in six. In alphabetical order: Massimo Ambrosini, Rino Gattuso, Pippo Inzaghi, Sandro Nesta, Paolo Maldini and Andrea Pirlo. United by a title on which it is impossible to object: “We were well together”. Yes, definitely, and what a story: the one that goes from 2002 to 2007. Three Champions League finals, two won and one lost. Seen under an unusual and fascinating magnifying glass. A docufilm produced by Dazn which will be screened in Italian cinemas from 13 to 16 October (and which will then be available on the app) and which was previewed at the Anteo cinema in Milan in front of a robust piece of the Rossoneri’s winning world. past. Players, doctors, managers. Like Galliani, placed between Dida and Serginho, while Ambrosini did the honors by explaining the essence of that team: “Different in character but a fantastic group, in which we supported and made fun of, with a great work ethic and great ambition to win. All this put together made us special ”.

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The set? Only one: San Siro. Six armchairs, arranged in a square on a small stage, with six ex boys who became men in Milanello who chat with each other, tell each other memories and relive emotions like friends in the living room. On the other hand, what else is the Meazza for those like them. They go off the cuff, no one remotely dreams of acting and this is the key that makes the docufilm enjoyable, light and above all true. It hits the mark. They make fun of each other, chase each other with anecdotes and then Pirlo arrives who, as in one of his most beautiful assists, gives the title: “Simply, we were fine together”. Ambrosini is also a voiceover, but the best part is the dialogue between the six of them. There is Inzaghi who laughs, telling that he was deliberately mistaken in the penalty in Turin that determines the release of Terim and the arrival of Ancelotti – therefore the beginning of the winning cycle. Gattuso tells Maldini that “the first few years you were much tougher, then you melted” and then calls Pippo “sick” “because you studied all your opponents maniacally. The chatter is enriched by the images of the paths in those three editions of Champions, but also by the frequent interventions of Galliani and Ancelotti, who speak from Madrid with the Real uniform. “I didn’t make a good impression with Parma, to whom I had given the floor – recalls Carlo -. But how do you say no to Milan? ”.

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There is a river of stories flowing, ten books could be filled. Nesta explains: “For me it was not so important to be first in the group to pull the training. Then I saw you and I understood what that mentality means ”. Maldini recalls the tension in the Champions League semi-final with Inter: “There was pressure in the locker room on the coach for the formation, Carlo was good”, he recalls with a hint of embarrassment. Ancelotti confirms: “A tough battle, Berlusconi reproached me for an attitude that is too wait-and-see”. They all laugh when they call Sheva a “psychopath” before the penalty in Manchester, and laugh when they make fun of Inzaghi who was in poor physical condition before the final in Athens. And Maldini admits: “When I tried to give you peace of mind at Old Trafford, I lied to you … I was agitated too”. And then Paolo denies a false myth once and for all: “It is said that during the interval in Istanbul we were already celebrating. But when ever: everyone quarreled with everyone over technical issues “. Ancelotti confirms: “I told the team to be very careful, because the English never die.” The film runs through the years, up to the triumph of Athens and the final scene, with Ambrosini taking the Champions League and placing it in the middle of the six seats. “It’s beautiful, with this you write history”. Curtain, applause.

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