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Skriniar by Saturday: the PSG tries to close. Then Bremer will snap

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Skriniar by Saturday: the PSG tries to close.  Then Bremer will snap

Galtier wants Slovakian for the tour in Japan. Vidal Resolution. Sanchez has decided: he will change the air

We are in market times, every move must be interpreted. Yesterday Inter published some photos of Skriniar. It is a warning to mariners. Indeed, to the navigator, only one: the PSG. It’s a bit like saying: the player is ours and he is fine here, the relationship with him is excellent, if you want to, you must necessarily raise the offer. Otherwise, nothing is done. Skirmishes before closing? Probably yes. Because already today Inter expects the French club to increase its offer, moving from 55 million cash, the last peak reached.


We are in a very long negotiation. In the market, it’s never a good sign. In any case, there are no braking effects at the Nerazzurri. On the contrary: today can be an important day. Not that of the closure: there will certainly still be some discussion, the drop point remains the same, that is 65 million, perhaps reachable through the inclusion of some bonuses, as happened in Hakimi style. The PSG is between two opposites: on the one hand the need to thin out an oversized workforce, before closing a purchase. On the other hand, the desire to have Skriniar by the weekend, considering that on Saturday the French club will leave for the tour in Japan and the coach Galtier would like to have the Nerazzurri defender available. The one who started with his team, on the other hand, is Bremer. The Brazilian is in Austria with Torino and remains the number one goal of Inter, who want to repel attacks from other potentially interested clubs (read Juventus). The Nerazzurri are waiting to close the exit for the Slovakian, then it will be time for the meeting between the CEO. Marotta and the grenade president Urbano Cairo. Inter would like to close without exceeding 30 million cash. And decisive will be the inclusion of a technical counterpart that Torino likes as Casadei, of which the Nerazzurri would like to keep control.

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In the meantime, Inter received Arturo Vidal and his agent Felicevich at their headquarters yesterday. Vidal signed the consensual resolution: Inter awarded him a severance pay of 3.5 million euros (with the Growth Decree). But the opportunity was also good to address the Sanchez speech, always assisted by Felicevich. The attacker has made it known that he is willing to leave, Inter have announced that they want to recognize an incentive to leave. Basically: there is more optimism than in recent days. To Inzaghi’s delight, he doesn’t want to handle an attack with more than four players.

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