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Sledding World Cup Shaanxi Hu Huilan and his teammates create history, 10 athletes from our province sprint to the Winter Olympics

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Sledding World Cup Shaanxi Hu Huilan and his teammates create history, 10 athletes from our province sprint to the Winter Olympics

2021-11-22 16:26:28Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network reported on the 21st that the Chinese team composed of Hu Huilan and teammates Fan Duoyao, Huang Yebo and Peng Junyue made history in the team relay event at the “Meet Beijing” International Snow Sled World Cup held in Yanqing, Beijing, for the first time. Top 10 in the World Series (9th place). The reporter learned that the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is approaching, and there are currently 10 players in our province preparing for the final sprint.

Team makes history, team members gain confidence

The thrilling sledding sport was previously unpopular in China. After Beijing’s successful bid for the Winter Olympics in 2015, the Chinese sledding team was formed. The International Sled Federation Sled World Cup project set up this time is consistent with the Beijing Winter Olympics. There are 4 events including men’s single sled, men’s double sled, women’s single sled and team relay. In the team relay event, the Chinese team included women’s single sled rider Hu Huilan, men’s single sled rider Fan Duoyao, and men’s double sled combination Huang Yebo/Peng Junyue, and they finally won the 9th place.

In an interview after the game, Hu Huilan said that through participating in the World Cup and playing with masters, she has full confidence in the future. “Seeing that I am getting closer to my opponents during training has given me more and more confidence. The road ahead is still very good. Long, we have made rapid progress, and I am very confident.” He also said that the team will conduct more targeted training in technical and other aspects and adjust the psychological state at the same time.

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10 Shaanxi will look forward to appearing at the Beijing Winter Olympics

As early as the first half of 2015, the State Sports General Administration issued a notice on the establishment of a national team for snowmobiles and sleds to select outstanding talents across the country. At that time, our province selected 12 people to go to the national team for training, including Hu Huilan. It is understood that in recent years, more than 30 athletes in our province have been selected for the national ice and snow event team. Among them, three snowmobile athletes, Wang Sidong, Jin Jian, and Shen Ke, participated in the last Winter Olympics on behalf of China. In the 14th National Winter Games, our province’s athletes also won 6 golds, 3 silvers and 6 bronzes.

At present, 10 athletes in our province are sprinting to prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympics. They are: Wang Peixuan, Hu Huilan, Jubai Saikeyi, Hou Shuo, Liu Shaonan, Zhao Jiaying of the sled event, Jin Jian and Huai of the snowmobile event. Mingming, Ma Yongqi of the alpine skiing project, Zhu Zilong of the steel frame skiing project. “All these 10 athletes transitioned to the ice and snow events from cross-border and cross-sports events. They faced brand-new events that they were not familiar with at the beginning. They started from scratch, insisted on training hard, worked hard to improve their strength, sprinted to the Winter Olympics, and worked hard for their dreams. “Li Jianxi, director of the Provincial Winter Sports Management Center, said in an interview.

The goal of 5 million people “going on ice and snow” is basically achieved

The ice and snow events in our province have not only improved their competitive performances, but also popularized the popularization of mass ice and snow sports. It is understood that after the successful bid for the Beijing Winter Olympics, with the guidance of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, my country has implemented the strategy of “expanding south and west, expanding east and east” in ice and snow sports. Our province also proposed “5 million people participating in ice and snow sports”. “The goal. To this end, relevant departments at all levels actively integrate resources, extensively carry out the popularization and promotion of ice and snow sports, expand the scale of the sports industry, and promote the rapid development of ice and snow sports.

In June 2020, the three departments of sports, education, and finance in our province jointly issued the “Implementation Opinions on Vigorously Developing Ice and Snow Sports”, which clearly proposes to promote the implementation of the “Campus Ice and Snow” plan and strengthen the creation of schools with characteristics of ice and snow sports. At present, nearly 200 primary and secondary schools and 11 colleges and universities in Xi’an, Yan’an, Yulin, Tongchuan, Hanzhong, Baoji, Shangluo and other places have jointly launched ice and snow sports courses in schools. “Our province’s ice and snow sports has now entered a new period of development, and the goal of ‘5 million people participating in ice and snow sports’ has been basically achieved.” Li Jianxi said.

Yan Bin, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper. The picture comes from the National Snowmobile and Sled Center


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