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Smart working in the PA, Brunetta: “Agile work will start on January 31”

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Rome, November 26, 2021 – Il agile work will start on January 31, assured the Minister of Public Administration, Renato Brunetta from the microphones of Zapping: “From that day on the administrations will have the possibility to have all the agile work they want with respect to their needs, in agreement with the workers. Let’s stop saying things that are not true. I have blocked only the emergency smart working, that not regulated, without contract “. And he added: “Within this month there will be a new contract for everyone “ in the public administration, with up to 600,000 new hires.

It smart working in rotation is the premise for agile work in the public administration, which must guarantee “the invariance of the services rendered to users” but also “an adequate rotation of personnel authorized to perform agile work, while ensuring the prevalence for each worker of the work in presence “. So agile work will be alternated with office work.

Consensual membership

Membership will be consensual and voluntary and it is allowed to all workers, whether they are full-time or part-time employment relationships, and regardless of whether they have been hired with a permanent or fixed-term contract. And it will be the administration that identifies the activities that can be carried out with agile work.

No personal utilities

The public worker in smart working will be entitled to a rest period consecutive daily not less than 11 hours for the recovery of psychophysical energies as required by the contract for work in the presence. From house noYou will not be able to use your personal accounts or domestic, the guidelines read: the worker in smart working “must provide the worker with suitable technological equipment”.

The text

New hires

“In the next five years the Public Administration will take over more than 600 thousand new young people with hopefully more qualified profiles, because we have unblocked turnover and because the PA is back at the center. In parallel, we will need a million people, from infrastructure workers to technicians and engineers, to make the NRRR, with its 240 billion in investments. We will see this demand for incremental work. I say that it is a positive fact, both in the public and in the private sector “, explained the minister.

No more refuge sector

“I am optimistic, because more competition on the job market means more wages, more qualifications, more citizens’ satisfaction. The PA will no longer be a refuge sector: we will all be proud of our faces of the Republic. Let’s think about the pandemic. Who saved us? Doctors, nurses, teachers, law enforcement, good bureaucrats. I want to thank them. Within this month there will be a new contract and from next year a great training operation will start to qualify this whole world, which deserves to regain its pride “, concluded Brunetta.

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