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Smooth Progress and Exciting Highlights: Hangzhou Asian Games Swimming Event Opens to the Public After Competition

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Hangzhou Asian Games Runs Smoothly, Swimming Pool to Open to Public Post-Games

Hangzhou, China – The Hangzhou Asian Games is currently underway and all events are running smoothly, according to the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee. The second competition day kicked off yesterday after the main competition, leaving spectators and athletes eager to see the progress of various operations.

With a total of 40 major events, 61 sub-events, and 481 minor events, the Hangzhou Asian Games is proving to be a magnificent display of athletic prowess. On the 25th, 33 competition venues held competitions in 27 categories, resulting in 38 gold medals being awarded in events such as equestrian, three-person basketball, mountain biking, and water polo.

During a press conference, Zhu Qinan, spokesperson of the Competition Command Center, described the progress of the Asian Games in eight words: “smooth, exciting, harmonious, and thorough.” This highlights the immense effort and dedication put forth by the organizing committee to ensure the success of the games.

One of the main attractions of the Asian Games is the swimming event, which has garnered significant attention from spectators. Zhang Yufei’s victory on the first swimming competition day spurred excitement and anticipation for the Chinese swimming team’s journey to win gold in this year’s games. The swimming venue has been packed with enthusiasts eager to witness the thrilling performances.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the swimming event, the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Natatorium has implemented various measures to enhance the spectator experience. Xie Binbin, spokesman for the Natatorium, revealed that interactive experiences have been arranged for the audience, including a Q&A session where attendees can win small gifts. Additionally, the venue has prepared mascots, exclusive badges, swimming souvenirs, and disposable raincoats to cope with any sudden changes in weather.

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The Olympic Sports Center will host swimming, diving, and synchronized swimming events, resulting in a total of 53 gold medals, the highest among the 56 competition venues in the Hangzhou Asian Games. The transition from diving to synchronized swimming poses a logistical challenge for the venue team, as they need to complete conversions, layout changes, cleaning, and assembly in a short amount of time. Despite the complexity of these transitions, Xie Binbin expressed confidence in the team’s ability to meet this challenge.

After the first competition day, spectators were reluctant to leave the magnificent swimming pool at the Olympic Sports Center. Many citizens are eager to know if the swimming pool will be open to the public after the games. Xie Binbin announced during the press conference that the swimming pool will indeed be open for public use in the post-Asian Games era. Furthermore, the venue will explore various possibilities, such as introducing diving training in the diving hall, to offer more diversified experiences to the public.

As the Hangzhou Asian Games continues to captivate audiences, the organizers are determined to ensure a memorable and successful event. With smooth operations and plans for the swimming pool’s future, the Hangzhou Asian Games is poised to leave a lasting legacy in the hearts of athletes and spectators alike.

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