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Soccer. The Borgo awaits Schiara and also thinks about the Cup

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Soccer.  The Borgo awaits Schiara and also thinks about the Cup

At the first derby of the championship, Borgo Valbelluna arrives with two consecutive victories. He lost three on the first day, losing to Barbisano, but then the rossoblùs made up for it between San Fior and Cisonese. On Saturday, however, in Mel (3.30 pm) they receive a Schiara who is still unbeaten and able to grab races where he was losing at the last minute.


Alessandro “Tano” De Battista makes some reflections, approaching a race that will probably attract a good audience in the stands. The concomitance with Mele a Mel can help.

“We are growing,” says the Borgo technician. «On the other hand, it is true that some guys I already knew followed me here, but at the same time there were confirmed from last season and also a couple of new additions. Which is why, in my opinion, the team has not yet reached full awareness of its potential. We still have to take that extra step in expressing what is actually on our strings. However it is normal, having only started working together for a month and a half. We have considerable room for improvement and, at the same time, it is excellent to have already put together three victories out of three in the Cup plus two in the championship ».

Too bad that somewhat casual defeat of the first day.

“In fact, in my opinion, there is never anything casual when you lose. Even if, paradoxically, it was perhaps our best performance ».


De Battista does not fail to praise his new club.

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“Now I understand why anyone who has been through here speaks well of it. I was no longer used to such a strong and assiduous presence of president, managers, collaborators and so on. There is a great desire to do well, it can be grasped ».

Rather, the remarkable abundance of the Borgo Valbelluna rose is striking. Every Sunday some boy has to sit in the stands, although, in the long run, suspensions and injuries always shorten the various availabilities. This is why the Sinistra Piave team would not mind going ahead in the Coppa Veneto, where by the way they will have the 32nd of the final at home against Fregona on Wednesday.

«Actually, it’s sorry to send five people to the stands, especially considering the leveling of the squad. But we could not do otherwise, taking into account two aspects: the absence of a Juniores from which to draw in case of defections and the difficulties that everyone had to face in the last restart championship, among various problems. However, having to choose is something positive, not negative ».

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