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Solidly do a good job in various tasks to accelerate the construction of a strong sports country_Huao Star | Sports Industry Platform

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In the past few days, the Chinese Football Association, the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sports, and the Mountaineering Sports Management Center have conscientiously studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech during the National Two Sessions and the spirit of the National Two Sessions. The important speeches and the spirit of the two sessions of the country will come up, do a solid job in all aspects, and contribute to accelerating the construction of a sports power.

The Chinese Football Association held a meeting of all cadres to convey the spirit of learning from the National Two Sessions. The meeting emphasized that we must deeply understand the significance of this year’s National Two Sessions, and deeply grasp the new situation, new problems, and new challenges facing the reform and development of Chinese football. In the face of the current outstanding problems in the football industry, we must have the courage to face them directly, deeply reflect on the shortcomings in the implementation of comprehensive and strict governance of the party, strengthen the construction of a clean and honest government and work style, and take the special governance work as an opportunity to deeply learn from recent corruption cases. Lessons, take the case as a mirror, use the case to promote reform, improve the system, improve the mechanism, manage well, solve the problems of bad tendencies and negative slack, strengthen confidence, work hard, break through difficulties, and regroup. Further improve the political position, effectively unify thoughts and actions with the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, and unify them with the requirements of the Party Group of the General Administration, so as to ensure that the spirit of the National Two Sessions is fully implemented in football work. Coordinating the construction and preparation of the national team, accelerating the construction of a football youth training system with Chinese characteristics, accelerating the construction of a healthy and stable league governance system and governance environment, earnestly carrying out warning education and internal governance of the association and other recent key tasks.

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The Small Ball Center held a (expanded) meeting of the Party Committee Theoretical Study Center Group to study and implement the spirit of the Second Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Party and the spirit of the Two Sessions. He Fengxiang, director of the center, said that it is necessary to further understand the significance of the spirit of the Second Plenary Session of the 20th CPC Central Committee and this year’s National Two Sessions, adhere to the people-centered development idea, conscientiously implement the new development concept, and strive to build a new development pattern for small balls. It is necessary to consciously integrate the transformation and development of the small ball project into the healthy China development strategy, provide more small ball sports products for a higher level of national fitness public service system, better meet the growing fitness needs of the people, and work hard on the grassroots design of the project , Work hard to strengthen the construction of ideology, morality and work style. Deepen the combination and integration, deeply integrate with strengthening the party building work, deeply integrate with preparing for the Hangzhou Asian Games, and deeply integrate with improving the basic system. Firmly establish the ideology of “nothing is lost”, constantly strengthen bottom-line thinking and risk awareness, put safety first, further establish the concept that the management of the industry must manage safety, and deeply learn some painful lessons of violations of laws and disciplines in the field of sports , and strive to create a clean and upright working environment.

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The Mountaineering Center always adheres to the leadership of the party, upholds the concept of high-quality development, keeps in mind the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on sports work, and implements the spirit of the National Two Sessions in practical work. Han Jianguo, director of the center, said: “To anchor the goal of building a sports power in 2035, we must do a good job in the high-quality development of the two Olympic events in winter and summer, pay close attention to team training and management, keep integrity and innovation, forge ahead, and vigorously improve the level of competition for the country. It is our duty to win glory and do our best to prepare for the war. Adhere to the development concept of people first, carry out extensive mountaineering outdoor fitness activities for all, strengthen outdoor sports work for young people, hold more events suitable for the participation of the whole people, and constantly enrich and meet the growing needs of the people. Mountaineering outdoor fitness needs. At the same time, do a good job in overall planning of the safety and development of mountaineering outdoor sports, strengthen safety education and training, strengthen service, guidance and regulation, and ensure scientific, healthy, and orderly high-quality development.”

Reporter Hu Jianhua Wang Xiangna Ma Yiou

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