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Songshan Longmen has a small victory and rebounded with a goal_Kalanga_Match_Adrian

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Songshan Longmen has a small victory and rebounded with a goal_Kalanga_Match_Adrian

Original title: Songshan Longmen scored a small victory and rebounded

News from this newspaper (Reporter Liu Chaofeng) Last night, the 22nd round of the 2022 Chinese Super League kicked off. Henan Songshan Longmen took up the Zhengzhou Hanghai Stadium to face the Hebei team. After 90 minutes of fierce battle, the only goal scored by Kalanga was 1:0. Victory, finally stopped falling and rebounding. The Hebei team suffered a 13-round unbeaten run in the league, tying the longest losing streak in the history of the Chinese Super League.

In this game, Songshan Longmen sent Kalanga, Carrillo, Pina, Adrian and other foreign aids in the starting lineup, aiming to give it a try. After the start of the game, Songshan Longmen had the advantage, but was unable to knock on the opponent’s door. In the 39th minute, foreign aid Adrian’s free kick was blocked, and Kalanga scored in front of the goal, but was blown for offside. It was not until the 43rd minute that the deadlock on the field was broken. Feng Boxuan assisted Kalanga with a header and a lob shot. Songshan Longmen led the first half with a 1-0 lead.

After changing sides and fighting again, Songshan Longmen continued to strengthen the attack. In the 48th minute, Adrian made a tactical corner kick, and Carrillo nodded the ball to the top of the goal. In the 68th minute, Zhong Yihao sent a through ball from the left in the frontcourt. Kalanga broke into the penalty area and faced Bao Yaxiong with a right-footed shot. The referee signaled that Kalanga was offside first and the goal was invalid. 3 minutes later, Zhong Yihao cut inside the penalty area from the left and made a good pass from the outside of his right foot. Kalanga stopped the ball and missed the opportunity to score. In the end, Songshan Longmen, who played at home, only won by a single goal.Return to Sohu, see more

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