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Sottil: “Doing well the last three games to end the year as protagonists”

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Sottil: “Doing well the last three games to end the year as protagonists”

More than a promise, a proclamation. Because when Andrea Sottil says: “We want to do well in these last three games to close the first part of the season as protagonists”, in reality he does not just announce the intention to regain the feeling with the victory that Udinese is missing from a month and day, but also the intention to triple up to the challenge of Saturday 12 November, in Naples, that agonistic fury that was contested last Sunday in Cremona, when the technician was jumped on the armchair in the press room, rejecting the sender the observation of a Udinese no longer intense and ferocious, as it had been in September.


Yet something did not really work at Zini, if it is true that … «after Cremona we discussed as usual. Nobody is happy when you don’t win, it’s part of the game of football. In the locker room, however, there is serenity “, Sottil admitted yesterday to the microphones of the club channel, and then continued:” We worked well. There is awareness of our means and we know where we can grow and improve.

Self-esteem is high, and when there is performance I am always happy. The obligation of all of us, starting with me, is to improve the game performance in every match, to enter the field lucid and hungry, as we always are ». All words that support the aforementioned will, as if the environment felt the challenge against Lecce as the first commitment of the three, from here to the World stop, not to fail.

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In fact, it would be bad to greet the Friulian people without the three points, in the last home match of 2022. «We will play in front of our fans – says Sottil -, and there has been a lot of unity and a sense of belonging in these days. We’ve all warned her. We are very keen to make another great performance and aim for an important result. People have a lot of enthusiasm, they are passionate and know how to lead the team, but we are the first to carry their voices with a great performance, humility and sacrifice ».


From the stands to the field, Sottil yesterday was diplomatic in creating a bit of pre-tactic for his colleague Baroni, given the answer on the possible solutions in the median, where the injured Sandi Lovric will be missing, starting with Samardzic: “Lazar has conquered himself on the field the starting shirt because he is a very important player from all points of view, and has incredible room for improvement. It can be a solution, as can an Ehizibue solution, which has important technical and physical characteristics. Pereyra for me is a universal player, of the highest level who can cover different areas of the midfield. The team has acquired its own identity, day after day, training after training, and the most important thing is to do well these last three games to close the first part of the season as protagonists ». The ending is on the opponents.

«Lecce is a very good team and I have great respect. Baroni is a trained coach and makes the team play with a very specific game identity ».

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