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South Korea’s central defender Lin Jijin has been put in place, Shenzhen Football 4 foreign aid is the core to build the main framework – yqqlm

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South Korea’s central defender Lin Jijin has been put in place, Shenzhen Football 4 foreign aid is the core to build the main framework – yqqlm

Original title: South Korea’s Zhongwei Lin Jijin has been put in place, and Shenzhen Football 4 foreign aid is the core to build the main framework

Article source: New Express

After the end of the first stage of training in Haikou, the Chinese Super League team Shenzhen team has a holiday to rest. Until recently, the team restarted training and entered the final preparations before the season. According to South Korean media reports, Shenzhen Football Club has completed transfer negotiations with Gangwon FC. The team’s central defender Lin Jijin signed a contract with Shenzhen Football Club and is about to put on the Shenzhen Football shirt.

While “slimming” and “iterating”

After the Spring Festival, the new coach of the Shenzhen team, Li Zhangzhu, led the Shenzhen Football Team to Haikou for a training camp. The training at this stage mainly focused on physical training. On February 28th, Shenzhen Football Team ended the first stage of training and began to take a holiday. Some of the players returned to Shenzhen with the coaching staff and began to prepare for the next stage. On the other hand, Shenzhen Foot is actively implementing a “slimming” plan. Constrained by economic conditions, Shenzhen Football hopes to reduce the financial burden, especially to clear the big contracts of the veteran players. With the team owed wages for nearly half a year, reducing the burden is the most urgent task for Shenzhen Football Club.

In addition, Shenzhen Football Club is also considering how to complete the iteration of first-team players. On March 6, Shenzhen Football Club issued a notice to the first-team players overnight, informing them that they could choose to transfer or leave the team on loan according to their own needs. At the same time, Shenzhen Football has selected the best players from the echelon and elite teams to be promoted to the first team. To this end, the coaching staff and management have also increased training intensity and management. From the perspective of team reconstruction, adopting a “harsh” training method for first-team players is also an assessment.

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After nearly a month of lineup reorganization, Shenzu has completed the reintegration of the lineup. With the Chinese Super League on the schedule, Shenzhen Football Club also regrouped and prepared for the second stage of training and preparations.

Four foreign aid as the core to build the main framework

In terms of foreign aid structure, Colombia’s former midfielder Quintero left the team in January, and Iran’s central defender Praliganji will most likely leave. In the position of central defender, Shenzu chose Jiangyuan FC captain Lin Jijin as the replacement for Praliganji. South Korean media reported yesterday that Lin Jijin’s transfer negotiation has been completed, and Lin Jijin is about to put on a deep-footed shirt. In addition, local central defender Yang Boyu and others have also had contact with Shenzhen Football Club, and some U23 players have trial training in the team.

If there is no accident, the four foreign players of Shenzhen Football Club in the new season are Caldek, Achim Peng, Vakaso and Lin Jijin. The whole team will build the main framework around these players. Next, Lee Jang-soo and his coaching staff will explore potential internally. In the general direction, leading young players with core foreign aid will be the development trend of Shenzhen Football Club in the next two to three years.

Due to the suspension of the share reform issue, Shenzhen Football will still participate in the league with Kaisa as the main body this year, and can only rely on the sponsorship of local enterprises in Shenzhen for operating funds. It is reported that Shenzhen Football Club has negotiated several commercial sponsorships, and the operating budget for this year is basically in place. It is not a problem for Shenzhen Football Club to participate in this year’s Chinese Super League.Return to Sohu, see more

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