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Southgate sales method: Belling high performance, low maintenance, perfect core competitiveness – yqqlm

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Southgate sales method: Belling high performance, low maintenance, perfect core competitiveness – yqqlm

Original Title: Nanmen Sales Dafa: Belling High Performance Low Maintenance Perfect Core Competitiveness

If Bellingham, who is in the battle for a transfer of 150 million pounds, still needs a sales manager, then England coach Southgate is obviously the most suitable candidate. In the European preliminaries press conference, Southgate introduced in detail Some of the great qualities of this “product”.

Bellingham has endured a slew of injuries for the past month, with bursitis in his left knee, but he will still be available in a bandage for the Three Lions’ win over Ukraine at Wembley .

Southgate is unfazed by the player, who has made 45 appearances this season, saying: “We are talking to Dortmund about it and it seems to us that he has no problem continuing to play.”

“Bellingham is the one we like, high performance, low maintenance.”

“He’s always looking to improve, he’s an outspoken guy, he’ll give advice on things that will help his game, he’s keen to learn that. And if you explain to him exactly what you want, in terms of accepting and He also does a really good job of understanding the message.”

Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Paris are all suitors for Bellingham. Southgate is really like selling a product, pushing Bellingham’s many benefits directly to the table.

Three seasons in Germany have shown that Bellingham is not afraid to be caught up in the underperformance of his team-mates. He is one of Dortmund’s captains and has often worn the armband this season. Southgate does not seem to have fully experienced this, but he is very clear that this midfielder has such qualities.

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“Bellingham doesn’t hesitate to challenge at any time and anywhere. We may not have felt it in England, but we have all seen it when he plays for the club.”

“We don’t want to limit that edge and drive, that’s what makes him that type of player. If you go back to the big players in recent years, drive is a big part of what they’ve achieved. The desire to win, yes. The abhorrence of failure was a big part of Bellingham’s personality, and it affected everyone else around him.”

Bellingham played a more advanced attacking midfield role in England’s Euro 2019 opener, when they beat Italy in Napoli to avenge their European Cup final. The coach and teammates were disappointed.

Southgate added: “We have asked Bellingham to press higher. As a No. 8, he is at his best and can move forward from these areas. But he He wasn’t asked to pass and receive the ball high up like a No. 10.”

Southgate’s remarks have already perfectly sold Bellingham from the aspects of product features (selling points), core competitiveness and instruction manual. Next, it is time to wait for those local tyrants to bid.

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