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Sovilla and the dream Excellence of Limana Cavarzano. “The team is there, it can be done”

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Vittorino Sovilla

The former presidentissimo: «The union? The heart has struggled to get used to it, but it can give many opportunities. The second Barp Fiori? No rivalry. Their managers are our friends “

“Go to Excellency? For me it would be the realization of a dream. And to be honest, I believe it. ”

To load Limana Cavarzano leaders in group E of the Promotion championship is none other than Vittorino Sovilla. A few days after the resumption of the tournament, with the Giallorossoblù expected on Sunday from the home match in Limana against Santa Lucia, it is the former Giallorossi president who takes charge of his boys.

The current record with 16 points, the result of five victories and the last draw on the field of Julia Sagittaria, continues to place the team coached by Max Parteli among the very favorites of the tournament. The season is still quite long, God forbid, but in the meantime the hierarchies are starting to appear and in any case the squad was built with the intention of aiming very high.


“I’m really happy with the team,” says Sovilla, still known by everyone as “the president” and currently included in the organization chart as vice president of Cavarzano Limana. In fact, we recall how the two individual clubs (Cavarzano Limana and Limana Cavarzano) are still individually active with their respective management, and also there is the Limana Cavarzano Union which leads the first team and the Juniores.

«I see good players and above all they know how to express an exciting game. I am pleased to go to matches and I think the right credit should be attributed to the coach. Parteli has always put his heart and soul into it, making the boys train several months before the start of the championship. The results are being seen ».

Of course, however, it must not have been easy for Sovilla to see his Cavarzano join another reality. «You know, at the beginning the heart always struggles to see your club go on no longer alone. However, nowadays it becomes a necessity to share the path, because alone you risk not going anywhere anymore. The stories of Cavarzano and Limana would have deserved to continue their respective distinct paths, but by joining they have seized numerous opportunities. I am thinking of the spaces linked to the fields or to the collaboration of the youth sectors. Furthermore, there is no longer the risk of taking players away from us. The Belluno catchment area is undoubtedly smaller than others. And now we are counting on a strong team for the category ».


Sovilla lives football in a passionate way. In 1965 he joined the company when he was still playing and over the decades has held various roles. Lately, among other tasks, he has been taking care of the care of Camp de Nogher. “But I’m educating my successors. Even if the Cavarzano field is my second home: I even go there twice a day ”, he says smiling and full of enthusiasm. “Fortunately my wife Bernadette is equally passionate and therefore very patient. On Sunday, if we succeed, we will not miss a single match ». Now the dream would be to rise to Excellence. “After all, this summer’s union aims to be able to take a step forward.”

Among the rivals, also Fiori Barp, second with two points less and opponent in the awaited derby on Sunday 21st. “No rivalry anyway”, assures Sovilla. «We are friends among the management and many of their players have played with Cavarzano. Then of course, that day we hope to win ». On the other hand, the president is very keen to make his dream come true.

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