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Spalletti to Dazn: “We have an interesting tactical variant in mind. On KK and Insigne … “

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Spalletti to Dazn: “We have an interesting tactical variant in mind.  On KK and Insigne … “

The words of the blue technician

The coach of the NapoliLuciano Spalletti gave a long interview during a new episode of Linea Diletta su Dazn. The Tuscan coach spoke at 360 degrees about the present of his team and beyond.

Long interview by Spalletti with Linea Diletta

Spalletti’s statements are as follows:

The Panda? I have two: one in Naples, another in Tuscany. I never found the stolen one. I must say that I was disappointed when I left the hotel and could not find it again but in the end it is okay. I like to think that maybe the car was used by a father of a family who uses it to take his children to school. I have another one so there is no problem, we are all happy“.

On the Neapolitan football square

From the first point you feel the warmth and passion of the square for the team. Here there are great ambitions, you want to win and now the competition is tough. Naples is a very important football square. What I don’t like, however, is when the commitment of my kids who are serious professionals and good people is not appreciated. We have made many changes this year, but I have known and appreciated the qualities of the new ones from the very beginning. The fans can rest assured, we will always give our best. We need to be patient to develop new leaders. Those who were already there (Di Lorenzo, Anguissa, Rrahmani) will help them. Osimhen can do it too“.

On messages via Whatsapp

Yes, I have one with players called ‘I’ll be with you’. I used it when I couldn’t be on the bench with them, for example when there was the match with Juventus that was at risk. I had Covid on that occasion and I wanted the race to be played because I had seen my boys train correctly and seriously. They too wanted to play the race. Among other things, for some of them it was one of the few opportunities they had available“.

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Kvara immediately wanted 77 because he is fond of this number. We expect a lot from him who has replaced a champion who has decided to try a new adventure away from Italy. A player cannot be held back by force when he has chosen to try a new experience. I hoped until the last that Insigne would remain“.

I met strong people there who live in harsh climatic conditions but always want to move forward. I am sure that they too hope that the war will end as soon as possible“.

Our idea is to restart from last year’s 4-3-3 but allowing the players to express the maximum of inspiration and imagination with a new tactical plan. The fans here hardly do not notice something also because they have seen great champions play including Maradona, the greatest of all.“.

I am particularly attached to his shirt, in addition to those of Salah and De Rossi. Kalidou is an extraordinary person, with him I lost a collaborator because on the pitch he always made his voice and physical prowess heard. Every morning he came to the office to hug me. He was the real influencer of the locker room because he attracted everyone’s attention. He always wanted to attack and go get the high ball. Unfortunately I lost two captains in one fell swoop“.

It was not at all difficult to assign him the armband because everyone already agreed to see him as a captain. The ideal captain has the ability to relate to teammates and opponents and is gifted with great balance“.

We meet very often, we are used to saying things to our faces, he maybe more than me: he is a really tough president“.

On motivational phrases and locker room rules

We started with the writings on the bibs that attracted the fans reaching the full men at Maradona. Then there are other inspiring phrases that stick in the gym, in the locker room – Sometimes players are good at circumventing the locker room rules. They make fun of you a little but in a nice way. I remember that Pizarro before weighing himself took off everything and scored the right weight. But then he went to get a tray of cream pastries from the cabinet“.

He was a basic player for me in his contribution to the team, in his personality and strength to pull all the matches into the stadium. In the Champions League the responsibilities of carrying the ball forward were carried by him and others who formed the backbone. In that Rome there were practical players like Keita, Maicon, Strootman, Nainggolan, De Rossi. If I hadn’t behaved correctly we would never have finished second in front of that Napoli. I’m sorry because I had a great relationship with him. The TV series? I saw it for a while and I must say that in the end Totti made it on me, giving me great popularity. If they had asked me, I could have lent them 2-3 scenes that would have been full of plays“.

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I preferred him in other roles as there were Mertens and Zielinski. But he can move very well between the lines“.

Details are fundamental in today’s football. I get up in the morning to try and get things going in the direction I want. I like players who take care of the everyday aspects, those with a strong personality and healthy ambitions. To create very strong teams you have to make the players believe that they can improve their qualities“.

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