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Sparta got angry for the whores on the hits, the fans drank heavily and gave clubs

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Sparta got angry for the whores on the hits, the fans drank heavily and gave clubs

The match between Sparta and Plzeň had to be decided by Stanislav Volek in the 84th minute at the time of the penalty, or the pznivc boards behind one of the goals, where the boiler went down, climbed from the stands to the sideline. The referee then preferred to end the match immediately after the 90th minute and several thousand pznivc rushed into the tvrnk in euphoria.

The Disciplinary Commission of the Liga Football Association, when discussing the penalty, took into account that the day at the stadium was related to and influenced by the celebration of the title. The event took place in a series of incidents with very serious consequences. Sparta fans massively used pyrotechnics during the match, and right before the end of the match they entered the hit area, because of which the match went down for about 30 minutes, said the chairman of the disciplinary commission, Richard Baek.

Last but not least, during the celebrations after the blown whistle, when crowds of fans entered the playing field, several people were injured. The intervention of the rescue service was necessary, which had to treat injuries caused by pyrotechnics, and in several cases people had to be transported to the hospital, Baek said.

In Slovakia, in addition to using pyrotechnics and trespassing on the hit, the opposing fans were guilty of making inappropriate comments and damaging the stadium equipment. The club from Uherskho Hradit paid 60 thousand crowns for using pyrotechnics and not preventing fans from entering the playing area.

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Zln received a fine of 80 thousand crowns. In the rematch bar duel for the first league on Vykova’s hit, his fans wasted more than a few minutes after using and throwing pyrotechnics on the playing field in Drnovice, and they also committed indolence.

Ostrava paid 50,000 crowns due to the behavior of fans in the match of the 5th round of the superstructures of the group for protection against Pardubice. The entrants were fined 30,000 for this in a water bar duel in Pbram.

Brno and Bohemians pay 40,000 crowns for raising fans in the last matches of the superstructure against Zln, or Olomouc. Their fans were guilty not only of using pyrotechnics, but also of entering the playing field after the end of the game. Slavia was fined 30,000 crowns for breaching the applicant’s duty in the final round against Slovakia.

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