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Special Sunday for Madiotto bomber. “With Corbanese it was a great couple”

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“I didn’t expect the merger at the time. But now I’m getting used to it too. “

Words from a double ex, even if undoubtedly the link with Union Ripa first and Union Feltre after was undoubtedly longer and lasting. Stories of goals, assists and classy plays, and if you ask those who cheered verdegranata up to a few months ago, it is likely that you mention Giovanni Madiotto among the players he loved most.

Numbers from over 60 goals in four seasons, with the deep regret of the injury that occurred in Porto Tolle, in the year in which the C seemed really a dream close to coming true. Who knows how it would have gone with him on the pitch in the final sprint …

Maybe we wouldn’t even be talking about the Dolomites today. “Madio”, however, also wore the Belluno shirt. Few clips and a couple of goals, until the arrival of Covid. The present, however, says that Sunday will be one of the opponents to pay more attention to, in Montebelluna. He scored once in the league this year, against Ambrosiana, and wants to improve his numbers. Above all, he intends to help the Treviso players to overtake the Belluno people, who now have 13 points against the 11 Biancocelesti.

Giovanni, did you expect to see Belluno and Union Feltre united in marriage, with the addition of San Giorgio Sedico?

“I’m used to it now. As soon as I found out, however, I admit it was a sort of bolt from the blue, I would never have imagined it ».

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What did Union represent for you, who among other things have you experienced both the former Union Ripa and Union Feltre?

«Of those years I have some of the best memories of my career, as well as being the most prolific. I have only one regret, that of not joining the professionals. I got injured at the most beautiful stage, it certainly would have been something incredible to get to C with the green-black jersey ».

You will make the Feltre public nostalgic like this. The Belluno, on the other hand, you enjoyed little.

“And I was very sorry. When I started playing again, I had been off for eight months. After a few clips, the suspension due to Covid arrived and in fact my break was extended again. Too bad, I remain of the idea that we could have achieved good results. In the group I was at ease and, as with my other former Union teammates, I feel with some of the boys I met in the Gialloblù ».

We couldn’t figure out how you would have found yourself with Corbanese.

“I think we would have completed great. In the training sessions and in the phases of the matches played together we could see the potential of our agreement ».

On the bench of the Dolomites sits Lauria, your coach in the Union Ripa of miracles. In that 2015-2016 season, without many proclamations, you saved yourselves without even suffering. And speaking of offensive pairs, what a feeling with Santi …

«It was my first year there and together with Riccardo I think we got around 35 goals, something like that. The team was new, but what great satisfactions. I will gladly greet Lauria, just as I am happy to see the trainer Nicola Carazzai, fundamental in Belluno in the recovery phase from the injury ».

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Now, however, 90 minutes as rivals. By the way, what Montebelluna should we expect?

«A team that has collected less than it deserved. In the sense, then the ranking never lies, but some episodes cost us points. We certainly have the desire to play a championship as protagonists, offering a proactive football. We will find against a tough Dolomites, strong from a physical point of view and which includes players of absolute respect. I think a nice comparison can come out of it ».

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